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Bipolar disorder is a condition which is  known as a manic depression. It is also known as bipolar effective disorder. Bipolar disorder is a diagnosis for the disorder of mood. People who have this kind of disorder (bipolar disorder) experience various states of violent mental agitation. Apart from that they also experience a wild excitement of temporary madness which is normally known as mania and hypomania which is typically alternating with the episodes of depression.

A person with the disorder experiencing mania or at a lower level - hypomania tends to appear to be energetic and highly excitable. The person with bipolar disorder can also be highly productive (Milklowitz, 2008). On the other hand, at a higher level the person with the bipolar disorder may begin to behave highly impulsive. Apart from this, the person may tend to make poor decisions which are purely unrealistic and baseless. The decision may be concerning the future or past experiences. This condition is normally accompanied by a depression.



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This condition is experienced in various modes depending on its intensity.

Bipolar 1 disorder: is the most intense disorder which is also known as mixed episode or mania. As the name suggests it’s a type which involves both the mania and the depression. This is a very dangerous stage as the victim is at risk of making severe decision even committing suicide.

Bipolar 2 disorder: is also known as depression and hypomania. It is not characterized by full-blown manic episodes like in the first case. This disorder involves the episodes of small depression and hypomania. At this stage, the victim is not highly at risk to intense symptoms as in the other case.

Cyclothymiacs: is also called hypomania and mild depression. It is a mild form of bipolar disorder as it involves mood swings and, hence, its implications are less severe.

 Signs and symptoms

Bipolar disorder has episodes which affect the normal behavior of an individual. The symptoms vary depending on the kind of bipolar disorder an individual has. People with this disorder normally have interference with the function of ordinary lifestyle.

Feeling euphoria: it is an emotional condition whereby the person experiences intense feeling of well-being, elation, abnormal excitement and even joy. The person may have a sense of extreme energy and feel that he/she can do all things better than anyone else.

Restlessness: the person feels too tired and unsettled to take up any duty. The prey may experience abnormal state of tiredness and emotional lowness.

Extreme irritability: is a condition whereby the person experiences a sense of being highly responsive to stimuli. The high sense of response due to frustration and excessive sensitivity to stimuli is also caused by anger and guilt.

Lack of concentration: the person experiences less concentration and,   therefore, is easily distractible.

Talking very fast:  people with this condition, tend to talk rapidly on a continuous basis. Thus, it becomes very difficult to keep up with them.  The mode of talking is influenced by anger, guilt or the nature of hypersensitivity.

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Racing of thought: the person is prone to the behavior of jumping quickly from one given idea to another without considering anything. The decisions are misguided and the person might make unrealistic decisions.

Increased sexual drive: this symptom is a very risky as the victim might involve himself/herself in weird sexual behaviors (Andreoli, 1989). The disorder makes the person want to have sex with anybody anywhere anytime, which naturally brings severe consequences.

Lack of sleep: any person having bipolar disorder experiences lack of proper sleep and, hence, tends to remain a wake most of the time.


Bipolar disorder has varied causes depending on the person involved and the kind of disorder the individual is experiencing.

Physiological: is caused majorly due to the particular abnormality in the structure or dysfunction of certain brain region. The brain divisions produce various effects on the mitochondria which are responsible for the cycling period of poor neuron firing which, therefore, causes a disorder, in most cases a depression. The poor transmission of messages in the brain and the coding can also cause this condition.

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Environmental: these are the major factors that lead to this condition. The bipolar disorder is highly known to be a plausible cause for this condition (Picardi, 2009). Various life events and personal relationships influence the way a person behaves. This is credited majorly with poor childhood experiences which highly lead to frustrations, guilt and self anger. Harsh environment brings even more dramatic effect than the childhood negative experience.


The major way of preventing this kind of disorder is ensuring safe and stable environment. Since one’s behavior is highly influenced with the environment, one should avoid if possible, harsh environmental conditions. Apart from this, stressful moments that can lead to this condition should be avoided (Kaplan, 2011). Basing on the current theories on the bipolar disorder causes, the prevention of bipolar disorder is not prevented on its onset. For the people who already experienced depression or mania episode have the best strategy to prevent the disorder by observing their health and taking medication so as to avoid recurrence. When the affected person has the ability to identify bipolar disorder symptoms when they appear is termed as the best preventive measure of a full- blown episode.

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The diagnosis is made depending on the self reported experiences of a particular person suspected or seen to be having bipolar disorder. Family, friends, coworkers or neighbors can report this and other signs to a professional psychologist. The diagnosis process depends on the state of the patient for the moment of diagnostic ting (Kaplan, 2011). Most of the people with the knowledge of certain feelings indicating when a person mood change may be developing and the changes in sleep, mood, energy and sexual interest, motivation, concentration, doom thoughts and the changes in the hygiene with dress might be early signs of episode. When an individual receive recommendation for the lifetime medication and if he had one or two severe episodes considered as life threatening or needs significant hospitalization period (Kaplan, 2011). The people who have members of their families with bipolar disorder must be alert for they might be possibility of them developing the same disorder. They are therefore advised to monitor themselves for depression and mania symptoms. The disorder cannot be prevented and it is very important for the affected person to be keen with the early signs of the impeding episode of the bipolar mania and bipolar depression. When the affected person recognizes the signs earlier and then sees a doctor regularly allowing monitoring of the victims mood and then take medication to keep reduce and keep the disorder from escalating. 

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Apart from the physical features, bipolar disorder can be medically diagnosed by exclusion. In this case a patient is tested for other related diseases with the same symptoms like hyperthyroidism or systematic infection. Other mental disorders which might be mistaken with bipolar disorder are like schizophrenia are also tested and exempted.


There are different ways of managing bipolar disorder. They range from self help and urge to pursue recovery. In some severe cases, such as maniac episode, a hospitalization may be recommended. Psychosocial is also another way of managing the situation. Since bipolar disorder is majorly based on the psychological, hence, the behavioral response, the person, experiencing this disorder, especially its mania form, can be talked to by a psychologist. Psychotherapy can alleviate the symptoms, hence, recognize the episode trigger and reduce expression of negative emotions in relationship (Sorensen, 2005). This will enable the situation to be arrested before the full-blown occurrence of the disorder, hence focus on the factors that encourage the treatment.

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Medication employed to a person with bipolar disorder is in most cases known as mood stabilizer; its main effect is moderating and managing the stress of the person. The medication works by reversing the depressive episodes or, in other terms, the mania (Picardi, 2009). It largely helps in preventing the replaces which has great effect on the person suffering from the disorder. Various stabilizers are, therefore, applied or used to manage the condition. Apart from the stabilizers there are other drugs such as lithium carbonated applied for reducing the risk of committing suicide?

The ongoing treatment of both medication and psychotherapy is so essential when controlling mood swings of the disorder. Family members have a responsibility of learning more about the disease and ensure that their loved ones maintain and stick to the prescriptions by the doctor. In fact, even though treating of a bipolar disorder especially moods is very critical, there is scientific studies case that is convincing and is supporting the prevention of further episodes of moods and this is seen as the greatest goal.

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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

The disorder has no treatment, however, with a proper therapy, individuals with the disease leading to stable and a productive life. Bipolar disorder persons will never be better without the medical treatment.

Self-Care at Home

The bipolar disorder individuals need self-care with medication. When they get a self care from home, it measures to a non effective symptoms revealed or the prevention of harmful behavior.

Medical Treatment

The bipolar disorder treatment bases on the centers: medication for stabilization of the mood swings and the counseling of a therapist. Nevertheless, the therapy is seen to be more successful and has a strong support from families and the loved ones. Medications given to the persons with bipolar disorder will not always work at the first time and might require change in many times until they find the right combination of medicine or medication. Meanwhile, when the change happens, persons with the disorder are required to always feel that they are able to count on the friends and the families who must never give up and should always understand and bear with the situation even though their moods swings causes pain and grief (Sorensen, 2005). Furthermore, the stress periods might throw the individuals affected by the bipolar disorder into extremes of depression or mania and they require support from the systems that will help them to deal with the disorder. For the people who are dangerous to themselves and others should have their medications and always started in the hospital remaining there until they were able to also control their emotions enough functioning at home. It is advised to get medications from the hospital for it is easy to maintain the disease unlike series of the outpatient visits.

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Bipolar disorder is a very dangerous disease; hence, as far as the consequences are concerned they should be handled carefully. The disorder may lead to loss of job, problems in the relationship with other people, or even favor other mental diseases. Even when the disorder is properly diagnosed its treatment may weeks or even months. The people diagnosed with this disorder should be taken care of as they are typically at risk of committing suicide. Bipolar disorder is found majorly among youths, children and elderly. It is, however, very rare in elderly as only a few cases have been diagnosed.


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