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‘A passion for patient care’ is a motto that drives one of the significant health care units of the nation named St. Mary’s Hospital. Columbia St. Mary’s is now ranked among the best hospitals in the nation! Two of those Columbia St. Mary’s Hospitals have now achieved Top 100 hospital national status over the past two years, setting the standard of excellence nationwide in quality of care, operational efficiency, financial performance, and growth and performance improvement. This is a tremendous testament to the commitment they have for transforming health care in wherever they are, putting patient quality and safety at the center of everything they do. Over the years they have established a reputation as a family centered healing unit. The hospital has it core process and policies which helps them to be free and fare in their day to day activities of healing and caring.
There are various special factors and wings with at most care that make the upward movement of the institution possible. A bariatric centre At Columbia St. Mary’s Bariatric Center, they recognize how difficult it is to lose weight through dieting and exercise programs. One probably has tried a variety of these programs over the years, with little or no success. They make it a point for one to realize that there are still options. Their bariatric center is one of a few centers in southeastern Wisconsin dedicated to helping severely overweight people. To improve inpatient care, they’ve developed a pilot program to educate family members about calling a specially designated number if they become concerned that a loved one is in distress while in the hospital.
Their call will trigger a Rapid Response team – a nurse and respiratory therapist to the patient’s bedside.

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Columbia St. Mary’s have very timely installed Electronic Health Record or HER, through out their systems. As the first phase, which has recently ended, they took a basic first step toward making the entire hospital operation wireless. A phase two has been launched since then. In the phase two they would concentrate on enhancing patient safety and bringing substantial changes in automating the hospital clinical system. The core policies are well supported by the proceedings as follows the medical staff shall hold regular meetings in each fiscal year, of which one shall be the annual meeting; the medical advisory committee shall meet monthly to consider medical staff affairs, including reports of all committees of the medical staff; the medical advisory committee shall report its proceedings to the medical staff and to the board at regular intervals times in each fiscal year; and the medical staff in each department of the hospital shall hold very often departmental meetings in each fiscal year. Until recently, the statistics of a typical hospital showed that one in seven hospital patients on ventilators were at high risk for developing pneumonia, and two to three deaths occurred every month. The scenario in St. Mary’s hospital has changed since two years as a result of the initiation they have took on the issue.
Something that occurred very common has become a rare case in St. Mary’s. Combining all of the components into one innovative Cancer Center will ensure enhanced quality of life for our patients. Their focus on the built environment to create safe, healing environments will be embedded throughout the building project that will be developing over the next few years on the Milwaukee hospital campus. Efforts under way to enhance communication, way finding, and reduce noise are just some of the areas we’re focusing

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on. Patients, in particular, will also have access to clinical trials and the latest research available in treatment.

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