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In spite of public controversy, liposuction remains to be the fastest procedure to cope with fat. Liposuction as a cosmetic surgery in which fat is removed from under the skin using vacuum suction, is considered as a low-effort alternative instead strict diet program and routine exercise. (Encarta Dictionaries, 2008) The origin of liposuction procedure was discovered by an Italian gynecologist, Dr. Giorgo Fisher, in 1974, when he combines the use of spoon-like surgical instrument with suction devices to remove fats from the body. French plastic surgeon known as Dr. Yves Illouz, started using pressure vacuum four years later. Entering in 1980s, liposuction was introduced to the US doctors and thereby the development of its method evolving increased until today.

The opponents of liposuction procedure argued that this surgical treatment may result in lots of side-effects, such as allergy, infection, damage of skin, and fluid imbalance as well. Yet, the finding of dermatological research reported only 0.7 percent clinical complication from the given 702 correspondents in 2004. Liposuction stays behind the first public option as it offers lots of benefits in both mental and physical conditions.

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What kind of benefits does liposuction contribute when coping with fat and cellulite? This short essay would like to briefly explain this question. The benefits of liposuction procedure can be divided into two general categories; first, physical benefits, and second, mental benefits. The first physical benefit of liposuction is the significant reduction of fat on the body typically up to 10 pounds (5 kilogram). The highest fat removal reached 50 pounds as reported. The liposuction procedure was applied under general anesthesia as there might be negative side-effect of removing too much fat from the body. The adequate fat composition in the body leads to a better workload of heart to beat.

Less fat will consequently support the blood flow to reach numerous cells in the body. Dimples, which are caused by the fatty deposit beneath skin known as cellulite, could be decreased and thereby out door activities might be possible to carry out. The second benefit of liposuction treatment is to treat oversized breast problems happening to female teen and adult women. In Australia, there are about 400 liposuction and cosmetic operations every week as reported by plasticsurgerynews.

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net. 10 percent of them those 400 patients consulted for having breast reduction. The patients were teenagers aged 14 years onwards with a problem of above average size breast for such adolescence period. According to Dr Hodgkinsons, this $20,000 surgical treatment resulted effectively to create proportional size of the teenage breasts. The hormonal imbalance of teenagers causing the abnormal enlargement of breast can be overcome through liposuction procedure in a safe way as he said. (http://plasticsurgerynews.net) To improve individual sex life might be possible through liposuction fat. This fourth benefit is concerned much by adult women.

According to Dr. Ana Marie Karie, a cosmetic surgeon and O gynecologist stated that the recent method has allowed the fats to be implanted to a “flat-chested” woman. Fats that were usually extracted from abdomen would be infused into the breast. Referring to a patient who had this problem, Dr Ana said that the woman stays fine with her new breast size. Penis can be another option besides the breast to enlarge using liposuction fat. The augmentation of cheeks and butt are also proven effective though it costs more expensive than only stand-alone liposuction procedure. The second category of liposuction benefits is about mental change of individual patients. The obvious evidence can be seen from the increasing self esteem due to having better physical appearance. This is the very first mental benefit from liposuction treatment. As everyone is homo sociologicus who needs social legitimacy and appreciation, surprising regards from surrounding like fellows, colleagues, relatives, and up to the beloved ones enable better confidence to get involved in communities. Positive psychological growth accordingly suggests the increasing individual motivation to conduct routine activities on the right way. The second mental benefit of liposuction procedure is the short period of treatment that accommodates any short term purpose of individual patient. As lots of underlying reasons for removing the fat of body, individual patients can expect for the outcome of liposuction treatment in the near time. Yet, the treatment may cost a bit high rate of payment. But the promising result equals the cost to pay for. According to Dr Calayan from New York, the liposuction treatment only takes one and a half hour.

Afterward individual patients can simply go home with the big change of fat removal and cellulite. (http://plasticsurgerynews.net)

Today’s development of liposuction surgery has been able to provide a treatment without requiring anesthesia procedure, even for the large amount of fat removal from the body. In addition to safe procedure of liposuction, individual patients with obesity can be much more comfort when choosing the treatment for coping with their extreme fat. Owing to the past experience of surgeon, patients of liposuction should be ideally healthy with normal weight and firm elastic skin. However, age is not the primary variable to concern though the level of skin elasticity might cause different result from what younger can achieve.

Aside from many side-effects claimed by the opponents of liposuction procedure, this treatment has contributed to solving individual problems of patients to cope with their extreme fat, getting healthier body, as well as improving personal esteem due to the physical change resulted from surgery. As the scientists and clinicians are continuing their role to develop the method of liposuction treatment, the progress of procedure should not only put aside anesthesia for heavy fat removal, but may be more than that.


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