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Free «Number of americans without health insurance» Essay Sample

Americans at the age of 65 heavily depends on the Health Insurance Funds to care about their personal health. Most of the Americans uses their health insurance coverage as the strategy to effectively overcome the financial situations when their affected by the health problem. But in the past few years there is a decline in getting the health insurance because of the tuff economic times we are facing now. According to the recent government reports, about 44 million Americans are not having the health insurance coverage. The reasons that many Americans are not affording to guy the health insurance is,

1. Many poor families who are not having eligibility criteria to come under the Medicaid plan.

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Low income families only concentrate on their basic needs like food, shelter and clothes but not in the life enhancement policies like health insurance.

2. Unemployment is a growing concern in the U.S.A that many Job cuts are happening in these recession time.

3. People who lost the jobs do not worry about the health insurance dues and all. But they have the responsibility of take care of their family needs.

4. Many Health Insurance Plan holders are not able to pay the monthly dues because of the allowance and salary cuts in the salaries.

5. Many of them who don’t have the Health Insurance Policy doubt about the coverage that the health insurance company can afford.

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Many insurance companies when getting the plan from the buyers assuring everything would be covered but in the time when we really need their help, they simply neglect our calls and requests to cover our health problems. The reason is simple, not every insurance company will cover all the health problems.

6. If your employer providing the health insurance to you as an employee. Then it is not having any guarantee that your personal health problem will be covered in your plan. This makes them look out for another plan for covering their family health problem. Many start losing their hope on the health insurance for their double standard service providing.

7. The rise in the health care premiums makes more worried for the middle class people to spend more money for the future needs.

8. Confusion of choosing the right health insurance company will leave a health insurance buyer in the mayhem state. Because many insurance providers are coming with the attractive terms to conditions to pull the buyer. But in the end affordable buyer get the confusion and may not look for any more companies.

9. Many insurance providers are not keeping the words as they promised in the initial service agreement. They keep on changing the plan and terms. It makes the potential buyer to get vexed about the health insurance plans.

For them it is merely a time consuming activity.

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Health insurance has some effects in the races also. The government report suggests that the uninsured rates for the blacks in the country is started to rise from 19% in 2005 to 20.5 % in 2006. But the Uninsured rate for whites remains the same at 10.8%. Hispanics uninsured rates also reveal that the rates increased to 34.1% in 2006.

As for as the economic status is concerned the employer insurance rates declined to 59.7% in 2006 than it is in 60.2 in 2005.

(Source: “Record Number of Americans Lack Health Insurance”,


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