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Free «Straptococcus mutans» Essay Sample
Bacteria could bring both positive and negative results to the function of the different parts of the human body. It could be noticed that through this particular fact, the research on the different bacteria making up the human body and how they should be treated with had been pursued by many experts in the field of medicine. Dental health, like other health issues on the different parts of the human body is very important. In this paper, notifying the existence of streptococcus mutans and understanding how having knowledge about it actually fits the discussion on giving dental healthcare shall be discussed clearly. Through this clarifying identification, the existence and the control of the presence of streptococcus mutans in the mouth could be well recognized.

Streptococcus Mutans


The teeth are one of the most important matters in the human mouth as it is the main reacting part in the process of digest. Overall, the mouth is the whole package that serves as the primary host for the said process of digestion.
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Hence, it is very important to know how to take care of the said functioning body part for the best benefits of human individuals. One of the most important matters to know about it is that of the substances found in the mouth and how these substances should be dealt with to keep them in the best minimal amount in an aim of protecting the mouth, the teeth in particular. As observed, the mouth is such a complex mix up of substances designed to enrich the first process of digestion in an aim of helping the whole process of distributing nutrients to the body in the latter part of the procedure of digesting. Streptococcus mutans is one of the substances in the mouth that could either bring in problem to the mouth or an enhancement on the process by which it is used in digestion.


Standing on the more negative side of bacteria existence in the mouth, streptococcus mutans is a bacteria that causes human oral caries which later on contributes to the development of plaque. The S.Mutans is one of most numbered bacteria existing in the mouth.
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It actually makes up at least thirty to sixty percentages of the total bacteria making up the human mouth which includes elements such as the teeth, the cheeks, the tongue as well as the saliva. It basically produces the plaques and the acids that break down the teeth. In the diagram below, the classification of the S.Mutans based on the existing bacteria in the human body could be identified: From the diagram, it could be observed that it came from the different sources of bacteria which clearly defines some of its basic characteristics which includes not having nuclear membranes, having a rod-like shape that is dependent on a host which makes it a rather parasitic bacteria that tries to feed on another matter where it gets the capability to continue existing within the human mouth. Because of the fact that the bacteria are parasitic, it has been considered that the entire characteristics of the bacteria would be able to affect and contribute to the development of tooth decay. As the S.Mutans try to recollect together to feed on a host, the strength of the Bacteria to destroy the mouth becomes more appealing. The following diagram shows the necessary ideas of the coming together of the said bacteria to establish decay in a tooth. This diagram shows the coming together and the breaking apart of the S.Mutans bacteria as they intend to feed on one host towards another. This notably explains the truth behind the fact that these bacteria are indeed huge contributors to the decaying of the tooth thus making a huge matter in the need of one to focus on the attention that he or she gives to cleaning the teeth every after meals so as to assure that the development of the S.Mutans could be well controlled as needed.


S.Mutans naturally dwell in tooth pits and spaces that they are most able to spend their time well using sucrose substances creating a sticky formation which later on allows them to be a part of the tooth they are attacking as their host thus producing plaque and contributing to the fast development of tooth decay which later on destroys the capability of the teeth to protect itself making it easier for the bacteria to make great impact on the development of the teeth overall.


Knowing that S.mutans is an inevitable existent substance in the human mouth should alert every individual with the need that they have to take good care of the teeth through constant brushing and water goggling so as to assure that these bacteria, although existent would not be able to completely affect the teeth as they are used for eating and breaking down the food that one intakes. Through this understanding, one becomes knowledgeable of the fact that there is a certain need for one to be much serious in taking care of their mouth as a whole to assure that they would have a fine digestion process for as long as it is needed. References: Bowen, William H., Robert J. Genco, and Thomas C. O’Brien. Immunologic Aspects of Dental Caries. United States: Information Retrieval Inc, 1976.

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