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Free «Drug Abuse as a Social Problem» Essay Sample

In all societies, there are problems that are common and affect the entire population. Drug abuse is a vice that has enforced its roots in most societies in the world, today. Drug abuse can be defined as the act of using drugs for a wrong purpose other than the purpose that it was meant for. Most people use drugs to alter their moods so that they can feel they are in a different world. Drug abuse is gaining popularity and is threatening to be a national disaster (Gould, 2012). This social problem is fast growing, and an action has to be taken to salvage the situation. Drug abuse is a social problem because it derails the people who are indulged in it, it wastes people’s resources, and it contributes to moral decay. It needs to be solved at a personal level, through rehabilitation.

Drug abuse is destructive by nature. One is incapable of bearing the consequences of their actions while they are in this state. This change of judgment is a chief contributor to moral decay that is evident in the world today. One is not able to think rationally and in turn does things that they would have avoided while in a sober state. Immoral behavior such as rape, theft and prostitution are on the rise due to this behavior. Most people are always wasted, and they end up failing to attend to their normal duties which are productive. This are wasted hours. The addictive nature of the drugs causes financial strain to the victim, which in turn alleviates poverty levels (Kilhstrom, 2000).



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This problem needs to be solved, and corrective measures are to be taken. The vice causes more harm than good; it derails the moral judgment of a person, depletes the person’s resources and causes emotional strain to the family members of the people affected. The health hazards associated with drug abuse are also not supposed to be ignored. A lot of money is used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers with an aim of curing an addict. These resources could have been invested in other more beneficial projects. This is a national problem that needs to be solved before it gets out of hand (Jean, 2012).

There are unusually many ways in which this problem can be solved. A lot of public sensitization should be done to make people aware of the dangers of using drugs in excess. Students should be taught about drug abuse and educated on the ways of making use of their free time to avoid being idle. An environment that is friendly and supportive should be encouraged to ensure that the children indulge in activities that are beneficial to them. Families have a role of ensuring that they are closely knit and that they are able to help each other in times of distress. They should not abandon their families in the name of making ends meet (Jean, 2012).

Rehabilitation is crucial to a victim who is trying to battle with addiction. Family members should offer their support and ensure that their beloved ones undergo the treatment and walk their way to recovery. Counseling comes in handy. The efforts of a psychologist could be employed to try and find out the reasons behind the addiction and how to solve them. They should be discreet and confidential to build the trust of the patient in turn hastening the road to recovery. More job opportunities should be created to minimize idle time and make people have less time to indulge in this self destructing behavior (Smith & Zepp, 1974).

Martin Luther King, who was a famous sociologist, preached about the beloved community. He noted that, human beings were related in a special way, and that each human being was dependent on the other. “The solidarity of the human family”, this is a phrase that he commonly used to show the relationship between people and that it can be traced from one generation to the other (Smith & Zepp, 1974). He said that one cannot experience personal growth without relating to other people. He encourages people to mind the welfare of their neighbor so as to achieve a desirable world. This social theory is essential in dealing with some of the situations that are facing us today.

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This theory can be applied to solve this drug abuse menace. Once people understand that they cannot develop individually without the input of their fellow human beings, they would strive to make the world a better place. For instance, if a person tries to solve this problem by building rehabilitation centers, most people will benefit from it and give back to the society. These people may interact closely with the kin of the person behind the project and in turn return the kindness. Personal growth is experienced since the person is doing something that has benefited the people at the moment and will also benefit the next generation. If the opposite is done, growth is not experienced (Smith & Zepp, 1974).

According to the Socrates’ law of the social contract, he clearly states the need of a human being to obey the law of the land and to pay for his actions (Frankena, 1973). He stated that rules are essential for the smooth running of any society and that people should learn to adhere to them. Individuals are responsible for the actions that they have committed, and they should suffer the consequences that come with it. People should not run away from the mistakes that they made, they should be bold enough to face the consequences of their actions.

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This theory is applicable to the society today. People are always disobeying the laws of the land, and they avoid suffering the consequences. In this case, the people who traffic illicit drugs and make them available to the people are supposed to be punished for committing the offence. Drug users should also learn to accept the consequences of their actions such as committing crimes under the influence of drugs. They are not to be pardoned with an excuse that they were not in the right state of mind. Drug addicts should also accept their mistakes and be ready to go to rehabilitation centers and be natured to give back to the society.

Martin Luther King’s theory may be applicable in the world today. If people learn to appreciate the value of human beings and treat them as equals, then the world would be a much better place to be in. Drug users would find support from their family members and thus hasten the recovery process. The people who are practice this law find it easier to manipulate different situations since they value life and they appreciate people. This theory elaborates on the need of good relations. Relations that are natured in a person from childhood take time to fade. This theory can be applicable in this situation, since drug users demand attention and love from their close family members and friends (Smith & Zepp, 1974).

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The contract theory can be particularly useful in situations where obedience to the law is mandatory. Adhering to this will bring a smooth correlation in the society and few vices will be heard of. Most of the people will be punished for their wrong doing (Frankena, 1973). The society will be a much better place to be in if these theories is applied. Drug dealers would avoid selling drugs to people, and thus making them unavailable to the users. Drug users could also avoid illegally purchasing drugs from these dealers.

There is however, no assurance that a perfect world in which these theories perceived can be achieved. According to Martin Luther King’s theory, it is not possible for human beings to live as one large family that cares about each other and values the lives of other people. We are living in a selfish world where everyone is egocentric, and no one cares about the other person. It may be difficult to shoulder someone’s problems in the hope that nature will give reward you in the future. This is impossible in the realistic world and only applies in an ideal world that will never be achieved (Dan, 2009).

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The theory, which Socrates tries to bring up, is also not so applicable in the world today. Human beings are naturally inclined to evade consequences of their actions and will always find a way to escape. It is highly unrealistic to expect a person to hand themselves in for dealing with illegal drugs; which is a serious hindrance in curbing drug abuse. This theory is idealistic but not practical. It only happens in a world that is not real (Frankena, 1973).

In as much as these theories are not applicable in the real world, chances that they can happen are envisioned. Education plays a particularly significant role in the world today. If an effort is made to educate each individual on a personal level on the benefits of a closely knit relationship, chances are that a transformation can be achieved in the world. It is therefore, not appropriate to dismiss Luther’s theory. An ideal world can be achieved if proper education is instilled in the young generation.

In the same breath, Socrates’ theory of a world that follows rules cannot be totally ruled out. It takes an effort of a group of people to instill proper values to the young generation so as to achieve an ideal world. Lessons about integrity can be taught to the young generation, and as they grow up, they learn to give their best to the society and to uphold their integrity. It is just a matter of one person spreading the gospel and thus making the world a better place (Dan, 2009).

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In conclusion, drug abuse is not a vice that is to be taken lightly. It is a morally degrading behavior that affects the lives of most people. It is necessary to deal with it before it scales to unmanageable levels. Ancient sociologists such as Martin Luther King and Socrates presented theories that try to make the world a better place to be in. They argue that the society needs to change their views about certain aspects of life so as to achieve an ideal world that is free of pain an immorality. This is a difficult world to achieve. Proper education during the early years of a child’s life is fundamental as it acts as a base to instill these timeless virtues that make the world a better place. Education should not be ignored, it is essential in the quest to achieve a world that is admirable and ideal.


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