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In reference to the investigation carried out by CBS concerning the Little General Store Propane Explosion investigation, the management of companies involved played a vital role in terms of information provision (CBS, 2008). The investigation report, published by CBS, reveals that the managements of companies (Ferrellgas, Little General Store Inc. and Thompson Gas Propane Partners LLC) involved did ignore fundamental aspects of propane business that might have contributed to the tragic incident (CBS, 2008). In terms of facility evaluation and safety precautions, all the companies involved in the business did ignore the positioning of the tank as a safety hazard (CBS, 2008). Further interviewing of the manager at the Little General Store revealed that Appalachian Heating Company assigned a junior technician with little experience in handling the risky business of gas transfer. Interviews conducted with managers of all companies involved assisted CBS investigators in establishing mishaps that might have led to the propane explosion at the Little General Store (Heuvel, 2009).

On-site interviews, carried out on present employees, assisted CBS investigators in establishing event chronology during the propane explosion (CBS, 2008). The report findings reveal that employees at the general store did sense unusual odor minutes after the junior technician commenced on the gas transfer project (CBS, 2008). Moreover, interviews carried on the cashier, revealed that upon the cashier inquiring on the dense vapor surrounding one of the trucks, the junior technician ignored the alarm and continued working. Similarly, interviews carried on the employees revealed poor site management by the Incident Commander, a captain, belonging to the Ghent Volunteer Fire Department (CBS, 2008). The Incident Commander, once sensing the impending danger, failed at evacuating people from the Little General Store and its circumference. Instead he commanded the employees to shut down business and remain indoors (CBS, 2008). Failure to evacuate individuals from the site led to the injury of four employees of Little General Store and two emergency respondents stationed outside the store.

Information acquired through interviewing the management and the employees played a significant role for investigators. As a result it was revealed that the propane explosion, the subsequent death and injuries occurred because of negligence, ignorance and lack of preparation for all the parties involved (Strauch, 2004).


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