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Estrogen therapy refers to the medication that contains estrogen hormone to replace the natural estrogen, which the reproductive system no longer makes once women reach menopause (Lobo, 2007). The aim of estrogen therapy is to alleviate the symptoms of menopause such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, decreased sexual desire, and sleep difficulties. Estrogen therapy may come as an injection, ring, tablet, pills, patch, or a vaginal cream (Lobo, 2007). However, the use of estrogen therapy in relieving the symptoms of menopause may lead to serious health problems. Therefore, the use of estrogen therapy has both benefits and detrimental effects.

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Research has shown that estrogen therapy is extremely significant in relieving the symptoms of menopause among women, especially when they use the therapy in short-term basis (Lobo, 2007). The use of estrogen therapy may decrease the chances of developing osteoporosis, heart disease, and colorectal cancer. Some lifestyle changes, such as yoga and improved diet that include apples, potatoes, yams, wheat, cherries, soy, and alfalfa treat menopausal symptoms (Lobo, 2007). However, the use of estrogen therapy in long-term basis may put women at a high likelihood of experiencing a number of serious health problems. Such problems include stroke, dementia, gallstones, ovarian cancer, blood clots, and breast cancer. The use estrogen therapy may also lead to various side effects, including weight gain, headaches, breast tenderness, fluid retention, nausea, and the development of spots on the skin, especially on face. Research has shown that vaginal cream, patch, gel, or vaginal ring reduces the chances of developing side effects (Lobo, 2007).

Therefore, the use of estrogen therapy leads to many serious health problems and has only a few benefits. Because the negative effects of using estrogen therapy outweigh the benefits, it is advisable to use alternative approaches in the treatment of menopause. Regular exercises and a daily diet that includes apples, potatoes, yams, wheat, cherries, soy, and alfalfa can treat menopausal symptoms effectively (Lobo, 2007). 

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