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Free «Suicide, Eating Disorders, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome» Essay Sample

In order to decide for a nurse to hospitalize a person who contemplates to commit suicide, one has to establish the individual’s potential to do that. You should strive to understand if the person really has the strength to go ahead and take his or her own life, or whether they just have the thought about it. A person with the ability to commit suicide must be hospitalized to avoid any possible fatality.

Eating disorders are characterized by having interruptions in ones feeding habits that will provoke either eating more or eating less (NIMH). These disorders appear during ones teenage years and they occur in both men and women. It is generally caused by ones feelings and attitudes towards their normal feeding habits. This is due to issues such as overweight or being too slim. Thus it makes one either to choose to eat a lot or very little (KidsHealth).

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition, which children have from the moment they were born because of their mothers were consuming alcohol during their pregnancy. The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome condition affects the child’s brain and his or her central nervous system. The reason that leads to a child acquiring the fetal alcohol syndrome condition is the fact that the alcohol ingested by the maternal woman contains an ingredient called teratogen. This fetal alcohol syndrome condition cannot be cured.



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Me: Have you ever taken alcohol in the course of you pregnancy period.

Client: No, but, I have done it initially in the past. Is that a problem?

Me: That is not a problem but you need to be aware of the dangers that you may expose with your unborn child if you indulge into drinking habits. Some of the dangers include the child developing growth and behavioral impairments upon birth, deformity of their body parts such as face, kidneys, joints, genitals, heart conditions or even the brain and the nervous system. Other conditions that a child may suffer from include difficulties in learning when they attain the age of going to school; they also may suffer from mental disabilities. It would also be wise to avoid consuming alcohol so that you ensure that your unborn child’s future will not be destroyed. The reason is that the conditions that would develop might hinder them from getting jobs later in life, and, thus, they will not achieve their goals of leading an independent life. They may also suffer from poor judgment ability, which would lead to a reckless sexual life, getting them involved in crime, drugs and substance abuse.

Client: Is there a period that one can take alcohol and it would not cause harm to the unborn child?

Me: No, there is no specific timeframe. It is just better to keep away from alcohol until the child is born.

In my opinion, as an adjunctive treatment it is wise to place children with physiological disorders under animal assisted therapy. This is because it is easy for the children to establish an animal as playing mate. The animals will have a better understanding of what the child needs, and it will be possible for them to play with the animal without bullying it. Since the child also requires a lot of attention, an animal will be able to spend long hours with the child without getting bored. This is because animals do not judge our attitudes and emotions. That means that they cannot interpret the child’s actions as being bad or disturbing. Another advantage with animals is that they can easily take instructions and this ensures their help to the child with all the tasks that they cannot accomplish themselves. When a child realizes that the animal understands them more than other people, they will also develop a close attachment with the animals. Thus, it shows that Iyal is now able to reduce his violent nature since he his full attention is drawn to the dog and since the dog understands his emotions, it cannot allow the animal to get mad and start becoming aggressive.

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Morasha and Iyal are now thirteen years old. By the time they are 18, Morasha will already have stopped being afraid of her brother since the dog will have taught him how to control his emotions. Their parents, Harvey and Donnie, will now be able to concentrate on loving their adopted children since Iyal will stop annoying them with his aggressive stunts. Those stunts have always made them developing mixed emotions over their decision to take Iyal as their adopted child.


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