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Free «Causes of Stress» Essay Sample

The 21st century health complications do not only arise from bodily deficiencies and extremes, but also from external factors exerting pressure of humans. Stress can be defined as a resultant negative effect on a human health emanating from external stressors that surround an individual. Central to the existence of stress is the production of corticosteroids, which act to bring out the signs and symptoms of stress. Being both a biological and a psychological problem, stress has its causes. This paper will vividly present the causes of stress.

According to Olpin and Margie, there are a number of factors resulting in hyperactivity of the brain bound to lead to stress. These include interpersonal relationships gone sour, loss of close family members to death, financial deficiencies, health problems, work place relationships, and daily life occurrences leading to annoyance.

Whenever a person establishes a close-personal relationship with another, the commitment to such relationships invokes emotions. These emotions come to make the bonds stronger. Breakage of such bonds leads to stress condition trying to reverse and come to the fact that what was highly valued is no more, (Asberg et al., 490). Despite the fact that most of the world religions acknowledge the fact that death is part of human life, it is hard to accept the death of loved ones. This is one of the major causes of stress in the present day world.



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Heath complications involving terminal illnesses like cancer and HIV/AIDs have greatly escalated in the 21st century. These are among the greatest culprits of stress level in the world today. Terminally ill people spent a lot of time thinking about their life; hence, high level of stress.

Workplaces are different from the residential places of many people. The aura of the workplace and the diverse people bring about a concoction of characters that end up overwhelming one’s mind. The interactions coupled with pressure to meet deadlines act in a synergetic manner to bring about a stressful condition. One the people do not have supportive families back home, then this situation can even become worse. Consequently, workplaces have been rated among the greatest stressors of all time, (Asberg et al., 498). Financial obligations of an individual do not only come as self-conviction, but also as a societal duty. Once one is not capable of meeting his/her financial obligations, the situation warrants a lot of to mind boggling activities trying to source for extra ways to make money, (Arria et al., 235). With none forthcoming, stress sets in and this can only be quelled when money is available.

The increasing trend in stress level, in the world, is worrying. Today more people than ever feel stress is controlling their life. They not only feel stressed in their working life, but increasingly in their personal life, too. Having identified the stressors it becomes easy to deal with stressful conditions. The common ways people adopt to cope with stress are evasion behaviors like smoking and indulging in alcohol consumption, (Uddin, 380). Others decide to have much sleep and withdrawal behaviors targeted at close relations. These end up exacerbating the stress condition and can never function to extirpate stress.

To deal with stress one needs to identify the causes of stress either individually or through the help of a therapist. Consequently, people can then be helped to cultivate a positive outlook on events surrounding the causes and much of the complications will disappear eventually, (Ben-Zur, 93). This finally helps a person to say no to situations or individuals who escalate the stress. This will have a resultant effect of controlling their environments. Learning to take issues lightly especially at the work place would culminate in alleviating stress.

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In conclusion, this paper was seeking to establish the causes of stress. Stress can result from collapse of interpersonal relationships, loss of loved ones, financial pressure, and workplace related issues. Once the cause of stress have been identified, it becomes easy to alleviate the stress.


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