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Images neither affect communication among the people nor influence the behavior of a man. Visual image has a profound effect on what a person does and how he or she feels. Human experience and experimentation present a tremendous opportunity for a man’s understanding of the visual world. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian, as quoted by Parkinson, states that more than ninety percent of communication is nonverbal. According to Parkinson (2012), “human brain deciphers image elements simultaneously, while language is decoded in a linear, sequential manner taking more time to process”.

Firstly, the image presented in the figure below depicts an innocent child who is engulfed with a sad moment in her life. The image shows sorrow and unhappy moment in the child’s life as it was captured when the child frowned. In the picture the child leans her head towards her shoulder that in most cases illustrates one’s gloomy mood. Secondly, the background and the foreground of the photograph are printed in dark colors which are always associated with sadness or sorrowful moments. In addition, the writing on the image, which is But do you Balance the budget on the Backs of the Homeless? further explains the mood of the child. According to both, the image and visual writing, it is clear that the child is suffering from an array of problems, among which is, presumably, lack of home.

The overall purpose of the image is to introduce the targeted audience to the discourse of sadness and problems associated with homelessness in the society. In addition, the image is used to criticize government policies which are geared towards the increase of the cost of living at the expense of homeless community. The image achieves its overall purpose by depicting a sad child in a dark background photo with a negative message like But do you Balance the budget on the Backs of the Homeless? Finally, the visual portrait of the image sends the message of sadness and presence of problems to the author’s audience.


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