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I have passion and a burning interest in family medicine. To me, a career in medicine is one thing which has been resonating in my mind for a long period of time. In this regard, I have always participated in many medical community works . For instance, I participated in free medical camp in Chicago when I was twelve years old. At this time, I was not very keen about pursuing a career in medicine but when I experienced one on one the medical situation people go through, I felt that I should work hard to be a medical practitioner so that my contribution should go towards helping human kind

In my academic journey, I have met challenges which have turned to be my great motivation to move forward. Education has laid a firm foundation foundation for my future career. This is because I have learned several life long skills which I believe are critical in family medicine. I believe that I have what it takes to pursue career medicine. This is because I am a team player. This has been demonstrated by my active participation in the school team.Team work is very important not only in medical career but also in life.

I would like to state that my experience has shaped to deal with many obstacles and challenges. May I note that I am getting spine surgery in December an aspect which has rejuvenated my interest in medicine more than ever. My medical condition at the moment has reaffirmed to me the importance of medicine career in the society. I am determined to pursue a career in medicine so that I can be of great help to the society. My resilience, strength, caring and diligence character traits are some of the driving factors which motivate towards this noble career. In conclusion, I am kindly requesting for admission opportunity in family medicine in this great institution.


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