Free «Responses to Emergency and Planning Problems for Neighborhood Emergency Tea Outreach» Essay Sample

Having gone through the Neighborhood Emergency Team Outreach, there are possible hitches that one can face with regard to planning set up and response to emergency cases. The physical address given in the program is elaborate as it adequately directs one to the offices. Nonetheless, there is only one telephone number given in the site. In case of emergency, one may find the number engaged and this may curtain response to critical emergency needs. One way of solving this problem is by giving more than 4 telephone numbers for people seeking emergency services. Though fax number is given, majority of the affected people may not be in a position to send faxes. The email system cannot be relied on in case of the emergency. A sent email does not guarantee immediate response as it may go to spam, especially when somebody is sending message for the first time. There is no assurance that an email has been delivered to the intended person and the receiver is working on the message. Neighborhood Emergency Team Outreach’s contacts should give priority to telephone numbers for emergency needs to be met at critical points.

In the program description, the emergency team coordination is based on the pretence that in case of emergency, residents are always willing to help when a disaster strikes. As much as this may be true, disasters require special gadgets if meaningful rescue effort is to make significant impact. There are no set up plans to raise disaster management tools as in the program description. The concentration is on Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) recruitment and training. Furthermore, the main source of funding for the program is donations from FEMA. FEMA coordinates the collection of food from businesses and around residents around the area. These sources of funding are not reliable in planning. Therefore, the team must look for other sources of funds for the project to sustain its functions in the long run.


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