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Free «Fungal infection» Essay Sample

Fungal infection

One fungal infection that affects the human beings is the athlete's foot which causes the skin to be itchy, scaly and dry. It is caused by the ringworm fungus called Trichophyton. This fungus thrives on skins with warm and moist conditions. The human body without these conditions can be able to keep the ringworm fungus at bay thus it is protected from the infection. An example of agents that are used to treat athlete's foot is garlic. This is a natural antifungal herb which has been used for the purpose for many years. The pros of this agent include its availability; it is potent and relatively less expensive. The oil from the garlic capsules is directly applied to the affected areas and it is a simple cure for the athlete's foot infection. Also, garlic can be eaten by humans. This internal content is important in strengthening the body system and boosts the power of killing the fungus. The main disadvantage of using garlic as a curative agent is its pungent odor which causes even the entire skin to smell. Also, it sometimes becomes hostile to the human digestive system when it is internally taken.



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Case study

5-fluorouracil is chosen because it an ant metabolite that has toxic effects on cells. The effects include halting and division of the growth of cancer hence it is suitable for chemotherapy. Also, 5-fluorouracil is used in treating cancer in several parts of the body such as mouth, neck, ovary, breasts, stomach etc. Concerning the assessment of the patient using 5-fluorouracil, the patients should be regularly checked by the physician to assess the response of their response to the therapy and monitor any side effect that may arise. The physician should be fully aware of any other medications that are being taken by the patient, the taking of fluorouracil should be approved by the professional doctors and aspects such as pregnancy and breastfeeding in women should be put into consideration in the administration of the treatment.  The patients using 5-fluorouracil should be treated of the side effects whose severity depends on the dosage, metabolism of the patients, other drugs that are used in the chemotherapy and the treatment duration.

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