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There arise a number of occasions when the body organs malfunction and stop working as they are supposed to do; this condition experienced by the body is often termed to as a physiological disorder or disease. There are a number of physiological disorders that have been identified. Some of them include cancer, influenza fibromyalgia, gout, gastritis, and mitral valve prolapsed. Bipolar disorder is the other form of physiological disorder. Normally, physiological disorders are characterized by symptoms that can be noted physically. These symptoms are normally caused by factors that may be considered emotional that are constantly triggered by a number of body organs.

These organs are constantly under the autonomic nervous system (Weyandt, 2005). Of more significance, it should be noted that physiological disorders are real diseases, diseases that may harm the normal functioning of the body if not attended to in time. This does not mean that since the diseases are assumed to be emotional, they should not be attended to or they are imaginary diseases. Secondly, it is also important to distinguish physiological disorder from psychological disorders and lastly, disorders that are physiological do not necessarily mean that they are emotional. The quality of life that a person lives is determined by the health of an individual. People tend to enjoy and have a fully satisfied life everyday when they are mentally and physically normal, this means that they are not suffering from any form of disorder.

Bipolar Disorder

Basically, bipolar disorder has been divided into two major classes, bipolar 1 and bipolar 2. The bipolar 1 type of depression is has a low period of mild whereas the period of happiness is found out to be very high. In the second case, happiness when compared to the mild cases is found out to be low whereas the mild depression period is often very high. In a number of cases, bipolar disorder may be a case where depression reaches extreme points of mania. It is at this point that we can say that an individual is faced with hypomania. The patient is often found out to be experiencing moments of anxieties and he is very active in between the hypomania. These individuals do sleep a lot and they become very talkative and are known to take a lot of chances that may be considered to be out of the normal ones.

It has been discovered that bipolar disorder is associated with long term and fluctuations in behaviors of a person. Those who have been victims of this disorder have been found to be encountering irritable sadness and hopelessness and in a number of times they may get back tot heir normal routines. Mostly, the disorder is known to attack individuals within their adolescents' stages or in the early stages of their adulthood. The disorder as indicated earlier can be treated but does not get healed, this means that the person suffering with it will have to live with the disorder for the rest of this or her life.  At the same time,, the attacks from this disorder is timeless and ageless, it does not have specific periods and ages as to when it will attack.  The disease can continue for several days, years or even decades.

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Some of the undisputable facts about the bipolar disorder include; the illness is found out to be very fatal and harmful to a lot of people, those suffering from the depression are not the only ones who suffer, but also those close to the person, in fact Hollandsworth, (2001), has indicated the people close to the sufferer and living with the sufferer to be greatly affected by the disease. These people especially find it hard communicating and sharing ideas with the patient. Similarly, through my research, I have also come to a conclusion that the women are the major people who have fallen victims of the disorder unlike their male counterparts.  As we have already indicated above, the disorder is not bound by age, even those as young as ten years old can contract the disorder and the best one can do is to take care of him and any symptoms should be addressed adequately and in time.

Acne Vulgaris

Another physiological disorder that is very common among the people is acne and the most common form of acne is acne Vulgaris. Acne Vulgaris is used to denote a form of skin inflammatory disease which is rated to have been faced by approximately 85-99% of the people at one point of their lives.  This form of disorder is commonly referred to as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads or zits. Normally, these forms of lesions occur in instances when there is an alteration in the cell units of the skin which is referred to as the pilosebeaceous units.

These units are known to contain sebaceous glands that constitutes of sebum and hair follicles. Once dead skin cells and oil form on top of these glands, they tend to clog it leading to either a lesion or breakout.  From study, Weyandt, (2005), indicates that those regions of the body that contain high numbers of sebaceous glands will often experience high occurrence of acne Vulgaris.  Some of these parts are the face, the back and the upper part of the chest.

Fluctuations in hormones, a lot of sebum present in the pilosebeaceous units and genetics have been identified as the major causes of acne Vulgaris. The change in hormone is responsible to causing excess oil in the skin leading to acne Vulgaris especially during puberty. At the age of puberty, there is a change in hormonal testosterone reproduction which is found in both male and females. The breakouts of the units are always in response to this hormone. It is logical that this hormone is often secreted at different levels in the different genders; the females secrete the hormone in small amounts at a number of points in their cycles.

These secretions keep varying especially among the females even after their puberty stages to the days leading tot their menses. As the level of hormones keeps on changing to becoming more stable, the acne Vulgaris starts diminishing and they eventually disappear (Weyandt, 2005).

Excess sebum is the other cause for acne Vulgaris, the sebaceous glands are known to secrete a substance that is made up of fats and debris and it is oily. When those cells in the glands break, they release a substance sebum that is responsible for the oily skin we often see in people. In other instances, we may see hair that is unwashed looking greasy, sebum is also said to be responsible for this.  The greasy mature of unwashed hair is an indication of excess sebum in the body.

In addition to this, we have the earwax that consists of some sebum. In this case, we realize that those who have claimed that the causes of acne Vulgaris is eating a lot of foods that are rich in grease and fats, to be fiction. The idea of too much chocolate also leading to acne Vulgaris is also false. These types of foods are not responsible for the breakouts but instead they are used to aid the production of oily skins (Hollandsworth, 2001). Genetics has been found to play a core role in acne Vulgaris. Children whose parents have this condition will be at higher chances of experiencing acne Vulgaris than those children from parents do not have this disorder.

The best prevention measures for acne Vulgaris is keeping the clean and oil free. However, when the fluctuation in hormones is found to be the major cause of the acne Vulgaris, cleaning the skin and keeping it oil free is the best remedy. It is advisable to clean the skin at least twice everyday and ensure that the substances used in cleaning the skincare those that will not clog the skin pores.

Products that contain salicylic and alpha hydroxyl acid play an essential role in controlling acne Vulgaris. Another disorder that has recently been identified is known as the Somatization syndrome. This disorder is also termed to as the Briquette's syndrome. In this disorder, a number of symptoms are revealed in different organ systems of a person's body. These symptoms have not been able to be accounted for as a medical illness. The major symptoms for this disorder are a manifestation of painful experiences at different parts of the body such as the sexual organs, digestive tract and the nervous system.


Those who are victims of the numerous disorders that we have spend most of their time fighting for their lives especially if the disorders they are suffering from are incurable like bipolar disorder.  The numbers of studies that have been carried have validated the fact that either specific diseases or generic disorders often play a significant role in defining the type of life people have.  The bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression.

This type of depression is often treatable but can not be cured, and for this reason, it qualifies to be grouped with the numerous physiological disorders that are curable but not curable.  The people who are suffering from this kind of disorder are often found to be facing extreme depression periods. From this article, we have seen that physiological disordered are responsible for the malfunctioning of the general body organs. Research has also indicated that a number of physiological disorders can not be manifested and classified as diseases since their symptoms keep on varying.


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