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Acromegaly is a disease resulting from hormonal imbalance leading in the pituitary overproducing the GH (Levy, 2004).

This results in un-proportional and exaggerated growth.

Common cases involve elongation and dilation of hands and feet.

Symptoms mostly appear in middle age.

If untreated it may cause death.


The disease is caused by excess release of the GH.

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GH belongs to a group of hormones that check the physical development of the body.

This abnormality is commonly caused by tumors in the pituitary glands. 

Cases of tumors in other body parts causing the disease are rare (Hasnain, 2010).

Signs and Symptoms

Apart from limbs and feet overgrowth, it also results in swelling of vital places with soft tissue.

These include the face and hands.

Other symptoms include voice deepening and pronounced jaw bones (Muller, 2004).


Treatment is based on the cause of the disease.

It includes ejection of tumor, radiation therapy & infusion of counteractive drugs.

It may also be treated by surgery  to remove tumors.

Incase surgery fails, medical therapy comes in handy(Muller, 2004).


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