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Prostatitis refers to inflammation of the prostate gland. Most of prostatitis conditions are as a result of bacterial infection, even though the evidence of infection is not always found. An inflamed prostate can result into pain while urinating and ejaculation and if not treated serious complications arise (Heinerman, 2009).

As a care provider, I will advice Mr. Wolf that the herbal medications he is taking are dependent on him. Mr. Wolf is supposed to be fully aware of what he is taking, the purpose of that herbal medicine and the side effects that could result from taking such herbal medicine. Mr. Wolf and the wife should know that even if herbal medicines are at times effective, they are cure to each and every kind of disease. I will educate the couple regarding the importance of ensuring that the alternative medicine they are using is safe. The herbal medicine Mr. Wolf must not have inflammatory effects on the prostate and it should not have any side effects on him (Heinerman, 2009).

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Integrating western medicine has differences from herbal traditional medicine. The main difference between the two is the philosophies. Herbal medicines believe in the body being a self healing phenomenon while western medicine focuses on treating the symptoms. Herbal medicines should be included as dietary supplements and owing to the extensive scientific base that normally supports usage of such medicines, they are safe to use (Packer, 2005).

Herbal medicines take a lot of time to act. Mr. Wolf should have vast patient if he is to undergo herbal treatment. Different ingredients go into the medicines when they are being prepared. Mr. Wolf should be certain that all ingredients used should not result into side effects. This is because most of the side effects take month to appear. Unlike physician’s medicines, herbal medicines are not regulated by the government and there is no probability that their quality is controlled when the herbal medicines are being manufactured. Mr. Wolf should make sure that the herbal medicine he is taking is from a renowned practitioner of herbal medicine (Heinerman, 2009).

Again, the herbal medicines Mr. Wolf is taking can have plan chemicals which can be toxic to the body. Moreover, the ingredients in the drug may react with the present drug he is about to start taking. Herbal medicines normally need good practitioners who are very few. Most of the herbalists are not qualified and hence it is necessary for Mr. Wolf to stay away from the herbal medicines. Unlike physician’s medicine, the herbal medicine he is taking might not only react with the medication he is about to start taking, but also with other medications he might take, such as antidepressants (Packer, 2005).

The prescribed medicine is the best in curing prostatitis since it is an inflammation and herbal medicine is not effective for treating serious illnesses. Another difference between herbal medicine and physician’s medications is that herbal medicines are suitable for treating sudden illness as well as injuries. Herbal medicines cannot heal inflammations effectively since no diagnostic tests or surgeries are engaged in it. Regularly, self-dosing of the herbal medicines normally results into serious risks amongst the users. Even if someone can argue that such things can also take place with the regular medications, it is important to note that regular medications have specific instructions regarding the required medicine dosage. This is completely absent with all herbal medications. Moreover, herbs are harvested within the wild are risky. Incorrect identification of the herbal medicine Mr. Wolf is taking can even result into poisoning (Heinerman, 2009).


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