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Both natural and prescription medications can give out excellent results when used under the appropriate auspices. Both can also be perilous when used outside standardized guiding principles. However, the main problem with the prescription medications is that people are becoming very dependant in prescription medications in solving their medical maladies, instead of trying to live a healthier lifestyle taking up new and exciting research findings regarding natural medications. People should use natural medicine rather than prescription medication. This is because natural medications are cost-effective and also they have no side effects as compared to prescription medication.

The safety and efficacy of alternative medicine has been debated several times especially when it concerns herbal remedies. However, only a few researches have been conducted to find out if they are safer than prescribed drugs. Over the last few years on several occasions prescribed drugs have been banned from the market because a number of them are exceptionally risky and have fatal side effects. The promotion of prescription drugs witnessed in television commercial  though they are known to have undesirable side effects it’s  considered to be bad compared to diseases which they are initially meant to offer cure to them (Linton 12).



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This incidence has left many individuals with doubt on whether their harming themselves or doing themselves favor by purchasing into the drug companies by  offering them opinions that suggest the most excellent way of curing our illness. Due to this reason several individuals are seeking solution in alternative medication like herbal medicines which cures all diseases starting acne to cancer. The alternative medicine is actually known to be less harmful and more effectual compared to administered drugs. Although several research have been carried out expansively though they are recommended for consumption by Food and Drug Administration only a few research have been conducted to hold up this hypothesis.

When something is consumed in our bodies sometime it can bring about undesirable response however this happens to be outcome of all administered drug and also herbal medication.  The degree of protection in specific drug and also herb can be estimated by sternness of the response however, this is where several doubt arises from. The side effects associated with administered drugs are acknowledged by patient and they are familiar to them, in addition to these drugs consumption is mostly monitored and regulated by Food and Drug Administration. Most alternative drugs   have unknown negative response but this isn’t well established however, most people have used them without caring to know their negative effect that they impact in their body (Laura 20).

There is no fatal response or any known severe effect that has been reported and also nobody has experienced any side effect due to usage of the alternative medication but at the moment there is no organization that regulates the usage of alternative remedies. Most individuals seek solution from alternative medication but fortunately there are no reports of obvious physical negative response because of using them. This does not necessarily mean there is no unseen inner side effect. Most herbal medication used in the past are regarded as harmless but currently they have shown in some research that they have several fatal negative response though this has taken long duration before it is noticed. For a long time ginger has been used as harmless substitute of curing arthritis but latest research have shown that it comprise of a natural substance complex that is exceptionally related to those that originate in nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometime ginger is  thought to be main cause of several side effects like stomach and intestinal damage, alters blood clotting and also fluid retention which can fatal to patient with condition like heart failure and also high blood pressure (Jack 40-45).

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This has proved that one can only know the enduring effects of drug whether natural or artificial by purely conducting research which should outline all details in depth. It’s difficult to compare and conclude which of the two   whether alternative remedies or artificial drugs which one is harmless or successful to use.  The decisions of choosing purely depend on the people concern although it’s not advisable to mix the dosage of administrated drugs together with alternative remedies because this could be a fatal attempt. It’s recommendable to seek advice from physician before changing to whichever form of recent medicinal remedy.

It’s crucial to realize what one should venture into before one make a decision of buying whichever form of medication even if the product is obtained from giant pharmaceutical company or even from local Chinese herb store, at this era of internet, unavailability of information is unacceptable approach. In case one consumes any type of drug frequently to treat the wrong disease one might be posing ones health in danger however, several drugs are significantly less hazardous .Although this is unpredictable truth   though its  recommendable for  an individual to see their physician twice per year incase one is under several medication (Smith 10-12).

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Doctors are full of activity and have little or no time to assess any prescription which is administered to any of their patient during occasion medical check-up appointment. Natural health drugs have been acknowledged to have a few side effects in comparison with other chemical complement. Natural health drugs are composed of products which are extracted from environment although most products don’t need to be refined. Several different cultures have utilized these natural products for decades though they undergo through minute or no side effect. The medicinal remedies that are derived from natural constituent are known to perform its function in union with the body unlike its advanced counterparts who bring about undesirable result. Individuals should comprehend that complex substance and inactive substance may be combined with administered medicine and end result they may lead alteration of the normal function of the system although the body can’t utilize these agents naturally (Madden 52-55).

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In case an individual contracts a disease one is forced to consume natural herbal remedies which may work within the system promptly and also provide it with essential crucial ingredients that are needed to fight diseases without harming the body system or even stopping its function. Herbal medication has several importances in natural health medication it protects one immune system by ensuring that one is less vulnerable to constricting any disease in the upcoming days. However several people should carry out effective studies and research projects to verify every medicine side effects and in addition one should study it response when it interacts with other drugs and also its sensitivity (Sabra 15).

For example, let’s take a case of high cholesterol. Everyone knows that high cholesterol cab be decreased by eating a low saturated fat diet, excising and avoiding some habits like taking excessive alcohol or smoking. Most people with high cholesterol may not be willing to do any of these and instead choose to take multiple prescription medications in order to do away with high cholesterol and prevent problems associated with heart. Such a situation can put a well intentioned doctor in a bad position. If the doctor fails to prescribe the medication, the patient has a higher risk of heart attack and therefore by prescribing he assists the patient in some way. The problem with this set-up is that all prescription medications come with side effects and in most cases additional medication for treating the side effects is required. It is not abnormal to see individuals nowadays on five, ten and possibly even more daily prescription medications. Some people would like to take natural medications combined with natural lifestyle but might not know how to go about it. Their doctor perhaps might be against this, because unwinding this toxic soup of medications is complex and risky, so they will go on taking prescribed medications (Smith 32-35).

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Whereas natural medications as well as the natural supplements promote good health and do not have many dangerous side effects they work in a different way. Lets take one demonstration which is chiefly pertinent to our ageing population. 

NSAIDs which are Prescription medications and include ibuprofen, Motrin and many others are generally used in alleviating pain resulting from arthritis as well as osteoarthritis. The are very effective and have little side effects someone would be hard pressed to discover that people over 55 years with bone or joint pain do not take these prescriptions often. The problem is, even though these drugs are very effective in suppressing pain, they have been associated with accelerating the progression of arthritis as well as osteoarthritis. On the contrary, natural medications like glucosamine and chondroitin and herbs often stop the development of these devastating conditions re-establish lost cartilage and finally produce a better long term result. In short, there are no simple answers and only time will show if people will adopt usage of natural medications and stay away from the prescription medication dependency everyone is currently in (Laura 40).

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Advantages of Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is cost-effective and therefore less expensive than the prescribed medications. This means that the natural medicine is affordable to everyone including the low class in the society and hence more easily accessible. Another advantage of natural medicine is that it can be bought without prescription since they are available within any health store. Moreover, natural medicines are more effectual than allopathic medicine for some diseases. The chemical medicine which is prescribed by the doctors could have some negative side effects. On the other hand, natural medicines do not have negative side effects and in case there are side effects they are softer than in allopathic medicine (Laux 20-25).

Moreover, natural medications can be efficiently during the natural detoxification process in the body. Herbs such as aloe Vera, garlic, chlorella and many other natural cures can be used in cleansing the colon and improving digestion as well as absorption of food and at the same time boosts the immune system. Some of digestive disorders for instance colitis, problems with digestion, peptic ulcers and also petulant bowel syndrome can be effectively cured using the natural medications especially the herbs. Natural medicine which consists of herbs like ginger, motherwort or capsicum assist in controlling diseases allied to circulation of blood like blood pressure, varicose ulcers and alike ailments. Most of the natural medicines are very important in treating coronary illnesses and in reducing cholesterol level within the blood stream. Obesity is the main cause of numerous health problems and natural medications have been effective in reducing excess weight as well as in regulation of appetite (Jack 12-14).

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The War between the natural Medicine and Synthetic Drugs, very many people are seeking natural treatments. A good example is the treatment of nail fungus which has been a problem for a long time. For many years, people have realized the significance and efficacy of medicinal plants. These days, it is natural to think that any drug treatment has its side effects since people are so used to that. Nevertheless, this is not applicable to plant medicine, since they do not normally drastic side effects as compared to the synthetic drugs. Many individuals have been brainwashed to the point of thinking that expensive drug is much better that a cheap drug made from plant medicine. On the contrary, even if natural medicine are not packed as fancily as in modern medications, the reason natural medicine can be passed down from one generation to another is because of its efficiency to a known disease and not because of its reputation in advertisement or heavy duty marketing campaign. Effectiveness of the natural medicine is the key reason as to why it has survived up to today. For instance, the Chinese traditional medicine has been in existence for a long time and it had faced a big blow when western medicine utilizes its restricted knowledge regarding medicine to evaluate and judge, and force it to limit its uses within some “toxic” herbs (David 25).

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Natural medicine has been so effective in treating some ailments when compared to prescription medications. A good example is the way in which people are seeking natural treatment for the treatment of nail fungus. There are about 90% of individuals who got cured through using natural medicine when compared to less than 10% of individuals who got cured when they took treatment from a doctor’s prescription drugs. Even though the efficacy of natural treatment differs within the homeopathic method, it has become a tendency for individuals to seek natural treatment. Nevertheless, it is important to consult a medical professional whenever it is possible and not to delay in getting the required medical attention. Natural medication is great but there is still a long way to go in order to discover the hidden treatment from nature for different medical conditions. The battle might still carry on tomorrow, and more and more individuals are aware of the significance of making use of natural medicine in treating diseases (Karlene 8-10). 


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