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Analytical psychotherapy is the school of depth psychology that is based on the discoveries and concepts from Carl Gustavo Jung. He came up with wide and most relevant view of the human psych. It is a theory of human personality types and a description of primordial images deriving from the deepest layers of the unconscious type. This paper seeks to explain concepts of analytical psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is the treatment of diseases more especially nervous disorders. Analytical psychotherapy has several concepts that it observes. Psychotherapy concentrates on three phases. The introductory phase where the client and the therapist establish boundaries, gather information regarding the patient’s problems and exploring the client’s attributes and strengths. The second phase is where the focus is on the patient’s problems and causes of the problems.

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It focuses on unconsciousness. Its basic assumption is that the personal unconsciousness is a potent part. That it is probably the most active part in the human psyche. It states that dreams show ideas and feelings that are not present but should be. It focuses on collective unconsciousness which entails the human DNA of the psyche. According to Shives, all humans possess inner psychological predispositions that come in the form of archetypes which make up the collective unconsciousness. It also focuses on self realization and neurotism. That self realization is divided in to two parts. The first is where human beings get out of humanity to realize themselves and the second part where people come back to the human race. Other concepts are the shadow anima and animus and psychoanalysis (Shives, 2007).

Analytical psychotherapy is not a good theory because its claims are not practical; testable thus cannot be proved wrong. Secondly its theories are based on quantitative and experimental research inadequately. Thirdly, the theory is over simplified and makes everything appear as if driven by sexuality. It is considered to be patriarchal by feminist proponents. It does not solve the problem it is supposed to because it views everything in terms of sex.

Lastly, the theory focuses on unconsciousness as a major factor while human behavior is directed by consciousness making the theory irrelevant (Withers, 2003).


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