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Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure is a health condition where blood pressure is heightened (Trievieri et al p 2). If this continues over a period of time, it can bring stroke which is very dangerous as it can kill. In some cases, patients have experienced underperforming of the kidney (Trievieri et al p 3). Anyone affected by this condition stands a risk of dying quickly and should therefore seek medical attention. With that in mind, this essay seeks Compare and Contrast on traditional medicine vs. alternative medicine treating hypertension. It will bring out the bad and good sides of both medicines.

Alternative medicine is a word used by people in a way that it makes some believe that; it is not effective as such which not the case is (Trievieri et al p 3). The major existing difference between alternative medicine and traditional medicine is that, the latter is associated with the most recent methods of curing epidemics which scientists have discovered while the traditional cures the whole body and the root cause of the epidemic (Trievieri et al p 4). Alternative medicine insists on preventing high blood pressure while the traditional medicine will get to the bottom and clear the mess once and for all (Trievieri et al p 5). In each case however, time varies in that, a patient who opts to use the alternative way will have the blood pressure being put under control much faster but the cause will not have been dealt with and the possibility of the same condition coming back is high (Trievieri et al p 6). Alternatively, a patient who opts to go for the traditional method will take time before the blood pressure is normalized since the idea is to get to the bottom and deal with the cause although at the end the condition will disappear for good (Trievieri et al p 7).

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If you compare and contrast traditional medicine vs. alternative medicine in treating hypertension you will realize that the effects brought by the latter are on the higher side (Pelletier & Weil p 54). To begin with, some tablets which are recommended come with side effects such as dizziness and sweating which only adds to the condition (Pelletier & Weil p 55). On the other hand, recommendations which are traditional based require a patient to only change the diet which does not require taking tablets (Pelletier & Weil p 56). As a result, there are no side effects in this method which is cheap in terms of finances and hypertension will be dealt with accordingly (Pelletier & Weil p 56).

Another existing difference between these two methods of healing hypertension is that the traditional medicine does not add any chemicals in the blood unlike the alternative medicine. Some of these chemicals weaken the body immune system and increase the impurities in the blood (Pelletier & Weil p 56). Once this happens, the patient can contract more diseases than earlier seen. On the other hand, the traditional medicine leaves the patient very strong and the immune system can easily detect any pathogen that can cause further ailments (Kohatsu, p 53).

Statistics show that hypertension is either diastolic or systolic depending on the blood pressure of the patient at any given time (Kohatsu, p 54). The two pressure s come in stages. Some patients were treated systolic blood pressure using both the alternative medicine and traditional medicine. The patients were treated for a period of ten weeks. The alternative medicine used was Coenzyme Q10 (Kohatsu, p 55). After the period of ten weeks, there was a relative reduction of blood pressure indicated on patients who used the traditional method. On the other hand, the alternative medicine recorded minimal reduction of blood pressure confirming that the traditional medicine is more effective (Kohatsu, p 55).

In yet another study, carried out in an Australian university, the experts wanted to know whether coenzyme as an alternative medicine has any side effects compared with the traditional medicine (Trievieri et al p 28). Ten patients were subjected to medication using the two methods. Five were treated using the traditional method while the other five were treated using the alternative medicine (Trievieri et al p 28). When interviews were carried out on the patients, patients who used coenzyme Q10 complained of dizziness while the one the used the traditional medicine had nothing like side effects recorded (Trievieri et al p 32).

In conclusion, the traditional medicine is the recommended method of treating hypertension given that it’s not only friendly t the body but also affordable to many. On the other hand, alternative method is quick but has many side effects. In most cases, experts advise patients to change their diets if at all they would like to cope up with the hypertension in all levels (Pelletier & Weil p 56).


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