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Free «Violence in the Mentally ill Population» Essay Sample


Violence can be described as an act of being aggressive on others. If not well administered, violence can cause disability in some cases and eventually death (Williams 1999).

The relation between mentally psychosis ill population and violence is still a mystery to many. Studies previously carried out have indicated a lot of violence from persons with mental sickness but there is no clarification to the nature of this relation (Williams 1999). This has all been brought by the fact that, people suffering from other illnesses still portray signs of violence thus bringing complications (Kilther & Gutheil 1993). Specifically in the United States, the numbers of patients suffering from this condition have reduced drastically over time. Although it was not clear whether psychosis patients are violent but this has changed with time following studies which indicate that they are indeed violent (Kilther & Gutheil 1993).


For violence to occur in psychotic patients, there are presence of some signs which are linked to violence. A symptom of threatening others is one that clearly indicates violence yet in some psychotic patients this is not evident (Kilther & Gutheil 1993). Comparing this with what I learnt of these patients, it is like this is evident in literally all psychotic patients. In other words, it is hard to find a psychotic case without this symptom (Kilther & Gutheil 1993).



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Research carried out indicates that, in the first six months, a schizophrenic case indicates very little violence. It was further discovered that, some of the violence symptoms seen in them can be linked with their childhood behavior (Walsh & Buchanan 2004). They must have a habit of victimizing other kids in those days. Comparing this with yet another study carried out, it categorically indicate that, childhood behaviors have nothing to do with violence as this is a habit evident in many cases (Kilther & Gutheil 1993).

It has been established that, there are more cases of violence in female psychotic patients compared to their male counterparts. In a study carried out in 307 females suffering from this condition, there was around 16% more cases compared to men (Walsh & Buchanan 2004). Comparing this with what I learnt on the same, it is a confirmation that indeed most females are violent while faced with this condition (Burns et al 1998). Experts advise that, female patients should be kept away from their children as they can harm them physically and in some cases it has even resulted to death (Kilther & Gutheil 1993).

Violence in mental illnesses is in most cases sparked by use of drugs such as alcohol, marijuana among others. Experts have established that, alcohol is a major contributing factor of violence in psychotic cases (Walsh & Buchanan 2004). Some patients who were studied and linked with taking alcohol were found to be more aggressive than those who don’t (Kilther & Gutheil 1993). Comparing this with yet another study, it indicates that, these patients are no different with normal people who take alcohol as they also become violent when they take alcohol. Williams in his journal on Psychoanalytic ideas, indicates that, in most cases, if a patient does not follow medication and has a habit of drinking violence will be seen on a higher rate compared with a normal person. Singh in his journal Mental Illness indicates that, in a study carried out where those behind bars were compared with those who are still in community results showed that, those who were convicted were more violent perhaps because of lack of freedom.

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Walsh and Buchanan in their journal Violence and psychosis, admits that, out of all studies carried out it has been difficult to compare presence of violence in victims of mental illness with use of alcohol. But this complicates another study that indicates violence is doubled if a patient takes alcohol (Walsh & Buchanan 2004).

Apart from alcohol, there are other factors environmentally related which bring violence in psychotic cases (Taylor & Gunn 1984). While a study based on the moods of patient was carried out, it was indicated that those patients who were experiencing homelessness were more violent (Singh 2010). In the same breath, if a patient used to live in a place where there was chaos in the past, it can also trigger violence in patients. Comparing this with what I learnt, it is clear that those who suffered neglect while young are likely to be violent if faced with this condition (Taylor & Gunn 1984).

If patients with this condition happen to read this article it will probably help them to understand their situations better (Singh 2010). Although while in this condition it is hard to know on their side, not in all cases as some psychotic patients have sought medications on their own in the past. If that happens, dangers that come with violence can be easily controlled (Taylor & Gunn 1984).

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As far as laymen are concerned, they can learn a thing or two from this research article and may be assist these patients any time they come across them. The laymen can also help in sharing this knowledge to others like them and that way majority will be informed (Burns et al 1998).

It is clear that, if most of these people are exposed to treatment as soon as the signs and symptoms appear, then cases of violence can be reduced (Singh 2010). The psychotic patients are victims and not epitomes of violence. Violence in women is not in most cases taken with seriousness and this has resulted to very many problems arising (Burns et al 1998).


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