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The word obesity can be defined to be a medical condition where the body accumulates a lot of fat to an extent where it may adversely affect the general health of a person involved. The life expectancy is also reduced and the person suffers a continuum of health complications. The measurement of a person’s weight can be describe as overweight in that it may exceed the normal weight of a human being. This condition results to what is referred to as obesity. This disorder has affected most people in different countries and is at a point of spread as its causes are favored by the present and modern lifestyle. This condition also affects all people either young or old, and has been said to result to numerous deaths across the entire world. What appears to be a fact is that the condition is medical and is real and not a myth as is historically perceived as a result of character flaw, or a figure of a gluttony and a gateway to the misdeeds of sloth and lust; it is a condition that leads to other adverse effects that are deadly in a human body.

There are a number of causes of obesity that makes it to be concluded that it is a medical condition. The condition results as an interplay between environmental and genetic factors. As concerns genetic factors, a person is likely to develop obesity if one or both of the parents are obese. Genetics affect the way fats are regulated in the body by interfering with the hormones that play this role. A hormone known as leptin is mainly concerned with the regulation of the fat accumulation in the body. It achieves this by working together with the brain. The interference of this hormone causes the occurrence of excess accumulation of fats in the body. It is not everyone that can easily suffer from the condition of obesity. Being in possession of certain genetic characteristics can either trigger or interfere with the occurrence of obesity in the body. In most cases, thin people are compelled by their own personal drive to grow fat but due to the fact that they may not be in possession of certain genetic characteristics, they cannot actually grow fat as they so wish. Genetical characteristics therefore play a crucial role in determining the occurrence of excessive accumulation of fat in the body. This shows that obesity is a medical condition and not any other condition, either cultural or societal.

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Food intake is another cause of obese conditions in the body. Excess consumption of fats and high calorie foodstuff is a major cause of the disorder. It is a central truth that people consume different varieties of diet as in accordance with the availability and affordability. All over the world, there is a growing rise in obesity conditions among children most in the 21st century. This has been attributed to the changing diet in that there is an increase in fat consumption among the young. As was first perceived that the condition was due to too much consumption of food marked by greed and lust, the fact is that it is actually not due to that but is as a result of consuming certain diet, and in most cases an excess beyond the needs by the body.

As perceived in the 21st century, obesity is a medical condition that results to other dangerous ailments that affect human beings.

According to a study presented at a medical conference in Trinity College recently, there is some connection between the health condition of the mother and the child after the child is given birth to. There is recorded wheezing among children whose mothers had a higher body mass index. This has been proved to pose a lot of risk during the time of pregnancy. The weight of the mother prior pregnancy will potentially have some effects on the immune system of the offspring after birth. This condition happens not having any link to the sex or even the other effects as that of shorter duration of exclusive breast feeding. It is therefore clear and of absolute truth that obesity is a medical condition that affects the functioning of the body systems and can result to other deadly diseases as heart attacks. The wheezing in kids therefore has particular connection with obesity during the period of pregnancy. There is therefore a need to have evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the pre-pregnancy services in order to help eradicate the problem of obesity in the world (Gumbiner. B, 2001).

There are a number of ways that can be involved in order to have the condition stopped from spreading in our society. First and foremost, there is need to have the people be educated on the condition. The people have to understand that the condition is neither a sign of prestige, power and wealth as was perceived in the Greek past. It does not have any advantage whatsoever. People should adhere to the types of the diet that prevents the occurrence of the condition in the body, for instance avoid consumption of fatty foodstuff. Regular exercise should be adhered to in order to have the fat levels in the body reduced to that which is safe for the normal functioning of the body systems. It is true that urbanization creates a condition in which people get exposed to new products, technology and the selling of unhealthy goods. It is also common that urban people are used to working in less physically active employments. It is therefore the responsibility of them to involve in activities as bicycling and walking long distances among other activities as gym. As the condition is affecting many young children, there is need to have the right diet given to children that will stop the occurrence of the condition in their bodies. Obesity is a real problem and it is not a way that thin people use in order to be fat and consequently gain power and control over others. In most societies there has been prejudice and hate for the fat people. This has mainly risen due to the fact that the modernization and love for the new lifestyles has made many to prefer being thin rather than being fat. This is mainly on consent that being thin is a fashion that is admired by many. In the modern western culture, there is no attraction to excess weight as it is mostly associated with many negative stereotypes. Obesity is therefore once again a tool used to discriminate many in the society. Moreover, it is almost inevitable for one to be thin or of an approximate weight in order to be accepted in the society, let it be known that it is not applicable to all of the people in the world as it varies with the type and the beliefs posted by various societies.


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