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Cloning and other issues have made headlines in most of our information channels, but there are different ways in which knowledge gained by practicing physicians have about the medical ethics and laws. They can have a direct impact on the care type and quality received by the average patients in our contemporary society. Humanities and social sciences give physicians a platform on the kind of ethical and humane medical care given to patients. Practicing physicians need to be better educated on specific medical ethical practices so as to give the patients a good prognosis on their health condition. The need to think critically about the ever more world complexities of the practice in medicine needs to be elaborated more.

In order for one to become a good physician, they need to understand the knowledge of social and institutional aspects of delivering health care. In the modern world, delivering good health care is important and thus the need for one to understand the policies of health and legislative processes through taking humanities and social sciences programs. The knowledge and experiences of the social and humanities sciences is one of the key elements required in order for physicians to take good care of the patients who are human beings. Natural sciences on the other hand mainly deal with the way in which the environment influences the health of the individuals in the society. Through the knowledge gained from anthropology, physicians can be able to mix up plants and create an antidote for diseases. Humanities and social sciences add the richness of both parties involved (patients and physicians’ experiences).

Humanities and social sciences have different disciplines, which give chance for the physician to choose the field they are best talented in. By so doing, physicians will have been given the power to become more dependent on health care sectors (private) in thinking critically on the ethical issues involved and take the required action in responding to the situation presenting itself. Concisely, good physicians need to study the patterns of life adopted by a group of people in order to diagnose patients in an ethical way following all the medical laws.


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