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Stress refers to an emotional, physical, or chemical factor that leads to mental or bodily tension (Linden, 2005). Various factors, including job, may put a person under stress, which will change the normal behaviors of that person in a negative manner. Therefore, job stress is among the most common categories of stress in the contemporary society. For instance, a lawyer who is dealing with a complicated case at the workplace may experience a negative mood at different places, including home. Spillover model will be the most appropriate model to explain the work-family conflict (Crane & Hill, 2009). This discussion will consider the spillover model of work-family conflict, work-life supports aimed at dealing with job stress, and the coping skills that the victim should utilize to deal with stress and strain.

The spillover model focuses on the negative effects that the family members experience when a family member is under job stress. According to the spillover model, a person may lose patience with the family members following the experience of hardships at the workplace (Crane & Hill, 2009). When a mother, who is a lawyer, encounters tough court cases, she may take out the experienced stress on her children, husband, and relatives by losing patience and yelling at them. Employers can play a role in reducing job stress among employees by offering work-life supports, including job leaves, social interaction opportunities among employees, and career development opportunities (Linden, 2005). Job leaves help employees to have enough time for their family members and forget some stressing events at workplace. Healthful social interaction among employees will help employees forget various stressing situations. However, the members may share their stressing experiences, which may increase the level of stress. Career development opportunities may help employees learn how to deal with stress at workplace and avoid negative spillover to the family members. These work-life supports are recommendable and can deal with stress among employees effectively (Linden, 2005).

Apart from the work-life support, the victim may develop coping skills and techniques, which will help her deal with stress and strain. Such coping skills and techniques include planning regular breaks between tasks, self-awareness, social awareness, and sharing thoughts with other people (Linden, 2005).


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