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Physical Development

How I Feel about Height and Weight

Peer pressure is one of the most challenging life experiences that affect the adolescents. I am a neither short nor slim. Some of my friends are slim while others are fat. The problem with body and height is societal stereotypical perceptions that define beauty or handsomeness with slim and tall body structures. It is hard to find a beauty contest winner who is short and fat. Beautiful people are tall and slim. My fat and short peers have faced ridicules, which only lower self-esteem.

Experience during Puberty

Puberty is a natural stage that we all undergo. My transition from childhood to adulthood at a time I was well informed about the change. It is important for the education curriculum to have included study of adolescents in the syllabus. I was much prepared through the class knowledge and organized counseling sessions that I attended. I curiously expected to see the challenges and when they finally came, I was too shy to face my peers. This is because not all of us experienced the change at the same time. Some of my friends ridiculed me about the bodily changes that were eminent. Today I have feel comfortable and take pride to be who I am. Puberty is one of the interesting transition period that comes with ‘embarrassment’ and; but, with the final body definitions in an individual’s life.      



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My Mother’s Pregnancy

There are things that have always disturbed my mind but with the development of human beings, knowledge sinks in as life goes on. I do not remember having been taught anything on pregnancy when I was still a young child. My mother’s pregnancy with me has been one of the life’s puzzles. At the beginning, I thought that I was bought in some supermarket. When I was six years old, I remember asking my mum how her pregnancy was and how I got out of the womb. I believed that the womb naturally split and I got out, as my mother never explained the process to me. Today I know how a child develops from conception to birth. An as adult, I still have some fear with regard to how I will start my family, how the giving birth experience would be, and its only then, that I will understand what my mother went through.     

Sensation and Perception Development Cognitive Development

Piaget’s Stage

There are four stages in Piaget model of cognitive development Piaget:

1)      Sensorimotor; 18-24 months

2)      Preoperational; 18-24 months

3)      Concrete operational; 7-12 years

4)      Formal operational; adolescence to adulthood

I have progressed in my cognitive development since I was an infant, joined kindergarten, high school, until now that I am in college. Good education system and effective parenting has made me develop to adulthood. Aim in the final stage of development where I am now nurturing my formal career.

Information-Processing Stage

In information-processing development theory is based on the fundamental assumption that the ability to think or comprehend is an information process. The theory focuses on child’s stage of development based on the present environment. This directs what a child would comprehend and where they direct the information and apply the information. The volume of information that the child would process depend on the state of development, define the memory limit, and the amount of information they are able to represent. Information-processing development theory emphasizes on brief analysis of mechanisms of change. I have the ability to pay attention, memorize what I have been taught, before finally applying knowledge tackling problems. This discipline has been imparted on me in school as that is the exact teaching process. 

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Language Development

Language development begins below the age of 6 months where an infant begin to develop vocal intonation, responds to his/her name, and to other human voices. The process is procedural and different children develop their language at different times. The late stage of language development ends when one is 8 years old. At the stage one is able to converse at adult level, has the ability to develop concepts, and control of compound sentences among other abilities. I have verified the notion that it is easier for a young person to learn second language than it is for a grown up. I could observe this from my young brother.   

Socioemotional Development

Parenting Style used by my Parents

Indulgent parenting; my parents are responsive to my needs as their child but they are not demanding. These are qualities of an indulgent parenting and they are always lenient to all the children in the family. This king of parenting has its behavioral expectations. My parents are always concerned with the affairs of my brothers and sisters while at the same time, they do not exercise control over us. This happens as all of my brothers and sisters were taken to boarding schools to pursue education. During vacations, my parents used to employ private tutors to take me through my term’s study.

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Erikson’s Stages

Growth and development is constant and gradual that happens at different stages. Erikson theory of development seeks to explicate whole process of human development in details. Erikson theory states that humans develop are continuous and spread across an individual’s life in eight psychosocial stages. I believe that my current stage is intimacy vs. isolation. I am currently thinking about my family life; the kind of person I should marry and start my family.

Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

The theory has six stages of development as outlined below:

1)      Obedience and family orientation

2)      Individualism and exchange

3)      Good interpersonal relationship

4)      Maintaining the social order

5)      Social contract and individual rights

6)      Universal principles

I have developed morally thank to my parents who nurtured me on good family principles. Now I believe I am in the transition between the fourth and the fifth stages. As much as have my own views, I am not only in agreement with the social orders in the society and also learning my individual rights. 

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Marcia’s Self Identities

James Marcia modeled a-4 status self-identity framework through which an individual can resolve a crisis and develop commitment to an identity. Crisis in the context of Marcia’s model refers to the duration within with a child or an adolescent experiences an alternative identity and makes a choice based on the situation. Such commitments are varied and in my life, I find it easy to share my experiences in gender and sexuality, family relationship, and thoughts on death and dying.

Gender and Sexuality

Gender and sexuality is a global phenomenon and in my life, I had a self-identification after witnessing a confrontational debate on the issue. This program was arranged in my former high school head following government education directive to sensitize the public on gender roles and identities. In the debates, male and female students discussed how they felt about their gender and the associated beliefs they held. Generally, the male gender was found to be dominating the females in the society. There are family responsibilities that are distinct and identifiable to the male and female gender. For instance, male in most families are the breadwinners while females take the responsibility of child rearing. The climax of the discussion came when a women speaker took to the stage to address the audience. From that day, I changed the perceptions I had held for long. I believe that either gender have the ability to perform any role in the society as long as there is will. The modern corporate scene is witnessing change as women take roles that were designated for men. The continued voices of advocacy to champion the place of women in the society have further cemented my belief that women and men have same chances in the society regardless of their biological differences.   

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The Relationship with my Siblings

My family relationship also helped me develop self-identity after a life threatening disease that nearly took away breathe from my brother. Never before had I developed the filial love I accord hi and the rest of my brothers and sisters. It is normal for children to compete for recognition and attention from parents; especially in a big family. I always viewed my sisters and brothers as competitors and as a result, I developed some kind of hate. However, that came to past after my brother was diagnosed with debilitating, enigmatic disease. This called for care from all the family members. I developed reminisced on the way I had treated my siblings and opted to cherish them with love like never before. I also realize the magnitude of family bond that keeps us together. This crisis made me identify what it really meant to be somebody’s brother or sister. Filial love is natural and the truest love one can ever have in this world.

Fear of Death and Dying

The final identity I have developed according to Marci’s model is the way I view death. It is normal for a child to fear death or to think that you have control over. That is something I always believed. However, I came to understand that death is inevitable following the counsels that our parents gave us when my brother was sick. They made us understand that death is a destiny that no one could control. The health status of my brother made me see how true my parent’s sentiments were. 


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