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Eminem is the stage name of the musical artist Marshall Bruce Mathers III, who has dominated the music scene worldwide with his debut album "The Slim Shady LP". This album established him on the world platform as a rapper, a musician and a Grammy Awardee. His popularity has been soaring through the years. His most recent Album Recovery released in 2011 and Relapse released in 2010, established him consistently in his professional talent. His success is striking; yet not uncontroversial. People and analyst's have strong opinion based on facts with regard to his music and his lyric. His music is influential and hence needs insightful analysis as it has the power to create the wave for the new generation. This would require taking into account his life, career in music, promotional strategies, personal life and other influences which feature some of his productions. Eminem has dethroned the King of Pop Michael Jackson and established himself as the most popular person on Facebook. (Herbert, 2011).

The current opinions and thoughts on music is very convincingly presented by Lloyd Eby who is the senior editor with keen view on modern music in the context of culture and the world around. He points to the study made be Allan Bloom in 1997 which confirms that "today's students do not have books, but they do have music: Nothing is more singular about this generation than its addiction to music. This is the age of music and the states of soul that accompany it"(Eby, 2003). In this light the role of Eminem's music can have phenomenal impact on the merging new generation. It is also necessary to acknowledge the intellectual level of immersion in music, which makes them critical audience and participant in the experience.

Bloom further states that "Students today, on the contrary, know exactly why Plato takes music so seriously"(Eby, 2003). Taking into account the quality of music and its impact on the mind and soul, the trendy music of Eminen feels like a threat to the delicate balance which profoundly affects human existence and personality molding. The fury the intimacy and the threat has a force which permeates the being, and molds the thinking. It is primitive, basal and mildly barbaric in its approach. Hence it is important to inculcate in the young generation the taste for classical music which is facing severe intellectual resistance to tapping the raw passions which if untamed and unrefined is volatile. The role of Eminen's music has been to arouse, involve and induce sexual desire and barbaric tendencies. The untutored new generation can suffer in the long term from exposure to such music.

Wendell (2010) quotes columnist Mike Ross whose critical review regarding Eminem substantiates that his music is " anything less than shocking, violent, sexist, vulgar and outrageous". Even though such strong opinions have been presented with conviction, there is still tremendous appeal and force in Eminem's music in terms of its entertaining and rap quality which is distinct about his music. It touches sensitive issues like sex, drugs and aggression with thoughtful imagery and catchy lyrics which are the heart and soul of rap music. The soaring mutli-million dollar success of Eminem's music has been phenomenal. His influence is remarkable and consistent; this does prove some depth and quality which has appeal to mass audience.

One has to understand the nuances of the rap music to appreciate the beauty of the lyrics and the rhythm of Eminem's music. His music is intelligent, stimulating and highly charges with energy. He addresses the inner journey using external stimuli which engages the audience in his /her inner struggle for understanding and harmony. Eminem has survived the trials of fame and his creative process has established him as a mature and successful artist of unbeaten fame.

The artistic genius of Eminem has been tracked by music lovers through last decade, and his latest albums Release and Recovery has established him firmly as musician, rapper, lyricist and a writer. His approach is intelligent, provocative and unique. It has a phenomenal appeal to the listeners, and is addictive. Smith has very critically examined his music and remarked "Instead of hearing Eminem's familiar angry and frustrated lyrics delivered with vengeful attitude, the CD assumes a more solemn and thoughtful tone"(Smith, 2009).

One can feel the grip of the catchy tune and lyrics which match the selective choice of the subject matter. One can trace the evolved maturity in his work which has been handled with finesse and, artistry and subtle complexity while confronting the issues which are close to him. One can relate to the symbolism which is integrated with clarity and voice. There is an increasing depth which is presented with precise use of metaphors, leaving room for personal interpretation. He knows how to hook the audience and inspire the young generation to the power of music. One can feel the dynamic quality of his music, which does have potential over the years to illuminate the audience. His gradual ascend in music world is secured and unthreatened.


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