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Free «Chicken Fried» Essay Sample

The hit “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown band was not only a hit but also a lip song among millions of country music fans, Auburn included. It was considered as an anthem that may be responsible for propelling the band into limelight. The song offered perspectives that many fans, especially the young could identify with. The song Chicken Fried in particular is easygoing, affirming and does not bilge individuals to conform; something that many young people can identify with. The song is a showcase of creativity, musical exploration and distinctiveness. The music video was well received in Auburn, indicating the widespread support and identification the video had acquired. In this essay, I will explore the themes in the song and explore my perspectives with the sole purpose of modifying the points of view of others concerning the song or even life on a broader scope. Rhetoric has extensively been viewed as persuasion and this essay will express the points of view of the author to influence the audience which is the Auburn community. The viewpoints focused in the essay are personal and hopefully they will accommodate those of the audience. The purpose of the essay will not only analyze the themes but also endeavor to entertain, inform, educate, persuade and call folks to action to better their lives and of those they love.



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The song presents numerous rhetorical situations along with its entertainment aspect. The state of affairs in the song reflects the modern day life of many individual’s lives. For instance, many young individuals find it easy to identify with the lifestyle depicted in the song involving beer on Friday nights, high radio volumes and tight pair of jeans to complete the elevated mood. This is indicated in the first paragraph and the chorus of the song where it flows:

‘Like our chicken fried,
And cold beer on a Friday night,
A pair of jeans that fit just right,
And the radio up’.

Zac brown in his lyrics in a way reminds us of what he likes, including chicken fried, homemade wine, the cool in Georgia, sweet tea and his woman’s love. The striking themes in the song as explored by the author include:


Georgia, Zac’s home has been well described. Flowing with the lyrics, Georgia is the best place to call home. The imagery in the second paragraph is amazing with sweet tea, pecan pie and homemade wine. The unique Georgia pine has also been mentioned to symbolize its welcoming cool shade making it the perfect home. Indeed, the love of Georgia for these guys is undisputed. The irony of the verse however is the incorporation of tea and wine in a singular situation. Chicken Fried as its fans know it is a depiction of carefree spirit and it is most unlikely that the singers or anyone in the south would trade a cold beer for tea! The irony is nevertheless well executed in the lyrics and the performance. The rhetoric situation in the second stanza has been applied to persuade the audience that Georgia is the best; an opinion that would be massively be opposed in Alabama.


Humility is also appreciated in the song Chicken Fried. The band sings that although there is nothing to write about the modest house, it is filled with joy which is very important. Modesty is well expressed over and over again in the song. He mentions his humble home and also appreciation in little yet valuable things in life. This according to Zac is nurtured only in the South. It should be noted that The Zac Brown Band was born in the south where as a humble band was known as Home Grown. The verse implies that love has been brewed in the undisputed south. Correspondingly, rhetorical situation indicated is not only persuasion that the south rules but also a call to action and that is to love home.

The value of life

The value of life has been placed on the little things we often ignore or tend to overlook in our lives. The significance of individuals cannot be pointed on what people have or lack in equal measure. For instance, it is not where we live or the vehicle we drive that puts a worth on who we are as a person. Similarly, our minds are the greatest asset and cannot be prized. The mind has the ability to unlock that which seems impossible to achieve. As a hub of academia and co-curricular activities, the great minds at Auburn cannot be stuck with a dollar sign as there is no substantive measure of the awesome value. It should always be recalled that we can make most out of the little things we tend to ignore and despise; it could be a colleague, a talent or idea. To be precise, the lyrics read,

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‘It's funny how it’s the little things in life,
That mean the most,
Not where you live or what you drive,
Or the price tag on your clothes,
There’s no dollar sign on a piece of mind,
This I’ve come to know.


The words ‘May freedom forever fly’ have been used to highlight the importance of independence. These lyrics are echoed when the band retaliates that’s freedom should be enjoyed by all. In addition, the band appreciates the role of God in the life. They appreciate the place of God in life. It is quite an irony for the song writers to salute God’s power yet it’s a Friday that should carry with it a carefree attitude. Unmistakably, this country song will serve as a classic in the genre due to its significance and common issues it addresses. These characteristics pushed it to the top of charts and to the lips of many.

 Saluting the departed

The audience has been called to salute all those who sacrificed their lives before for their sake. The lyrics read:

 ‘Salute the ones who died,
The ones that give their lives,
So we don’t have to sacrifice,
All the things we love

The spectrum of these things has been left open to suit individual needs and interests. This could range from personal, political or social perspectives. In Auburn for instance, we would learn to appreciate the roles played by alumni, the teaching and non-teaching staff who make life in campus tolerable, easy-going and laid back. This will make life tolerable for all those in this community, boost performance, public image and better achievement.

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The genre of Country music is deep-rooted in the lives of many fans across the board. Through this song and others from this country band, country has defied all walls and proven to be a genre that is as much alive as the ‘modern’ trends of R n B, Rock or Hip-Hop. While “Chicken Fried” swayed between entertainment, education and storytelling, it became undeniably one of the all time hits to remember. In Auburn this song by the Zac Brown band will be echoed for as long as the anthem lives. This is due to the familiarity of circumstances and situations depicted in the song that most can identify with. With themes of fun, love, appreciation of God and others and humility, the piece is conforms to anyone who experiences it.


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