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Franz Joseph Haydn is a renowned Australian music composer of the classical period, and lived between the years 1732 -1809. His contribution in the music industry led to him being known as the Father of Symphony and String Quartet as he played a very important role in the contribution of these forms of music. He also played an important role in the development of the Piano trio and transformation of the Sonata Form for good (Landon, p.20). The unique qualities he portrayed during his music composing career resulted to him being regarded as the most celebrated music composer in the entire Europe during the classical period. The close relationship that he had played a very important role in improving his music composition as he was a close friend to Johann Evangelist Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who were the key players in the music industry and also some of the good music composers during that time.

Haydn childhood is considered by many music experts as the main contributor in his successful musical career. He was enclosed and kept away from the mainstream music industry; the isolation became very difficult for him to be very much original when making his compositions (Downs, p.16). During his childhood, where he lived in Kapellhaus next to a cathedral he was actively involved in the cathedral as a choir boy and thus he was a choirboy amongst other four boys. While in the church he was taught in Latin and how to use the keyboard, violin and voice amongst other school lessons. Later on he moved to St. Stephen's a leading musical center and from enrolled there as a professional musician he was able to expand his music career by performing in the music center and he eventually achieved his desires and interest in becoming a most celebrated musician of all time.

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Haydn teenage period was the breaking point into his successful music career this is when he told Mr. Reutter that he wants to start singing a claim that was dismissed by Mr. Reutter to the extent of being caned and kicked to the streets. This setback was a blessing in disguise to Haydn who eventually struggled so much before becoming the most influence classical musician ever (Downs, p.34). The period in which he was kicked out by Mr Reutter he was involved in different activities as a way of survival which includes being a music teacher, a street singer, and   in 1752 he was recruited as a valet-accompanist for the Italian composer Nicola Porpora, and from the association with Nicola Porpora. He managed to learn "the true fundamentals of composition" (Landon, p.20). He was also briefly involved with Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Haugwitz were he was employed as the person who plays the organ in there Bohemian Chancellery chapel at the Judenplatz.

Haydn early works can be traced during the compositional style and the style had gone out of fashion as a result of the death of Bach who was music explorer at the time (Rosen, p.57). In the 1760s 1770s Haydn was involved in the transformation of the music industry where he came with a   project known as the "Sturm und Drang" (storm and stress); the period is characterized by the legendary movement that was happening. In the same period he had began his music career where he managed to be the most successful symphony player during the time; thus he was the most successful symphonists whose works were appreciated and admired by many music lovers in the whole European and his works are still being sampled to date as he is titled the king of symphony.

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