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The stage name for this group, the semi professional dancers, is Art In Motion (AIM). This is a group of semi-professional dance team that was basically created to bridge the gap between the professional dancer and the student. Under the direction of Amanda Miera, the semi pro dancer AIM team showcases the precision, the creativity and the fire that is expected of the team. The aim of this paper is to present the details that create the AIM impression.

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Semi-Professional Dancer

Semi-Professional dancer is a division for dancers who want to experience the performance and the technical aspects of dance. The semi-professional dancers are a very dedicated and hardworking, although, they do not necessarily have to commit much time to dancing as the professional ones. They are offered classes such as ballet, modern, hip hop, while it uses such repertory styles like lyrical, modern, contemporary and Jazz & theatrical. Semi-Professional Dance focuses to expand and polish the dancers’ movement, to build a strong work ethic that can be transferable to other aspects of life, develop self-confidence, and enhance love and passion for dance as well as fostering a positive group dynamic and promoting each other’s leadership roles. Opportunities can include performing at local art events, performing repertory choreography and at assorted national or even international events (Semi-professional program, n.d).

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AIM semi-pro dancers have been around for five years now. Prior to starting out as AIM semi pro dancers, AIM used to train as rhythmic gymnastics for about five years and thus it was easier for the members to get involved in dancing with semi professional dancers. AIM started from high school level when they was a dance show and asked the group that was barely formed if they wanted to be in it. The group agreed to give it a try and because they were spending a lot of time together, the audience was fascinated because the dancers were flexible and they decided to teach them some other dance styles and when the choreographer tried to put in a few dance scenes, everybody liked the group’s synchronization. When the show ended, the group started dancing in a dance school and within a few months, they were asked to join an advanced level class. They started with jazz ballet as they saw that it was easier for them and as it is the most similar rhythmic gymnastics. Moreover, the group graduated to hip hop and later break dancing as well as jazz (Semi pro team, n.d.).

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The group reckons that dancing is very interesting as it is a sort of put the body to the limit, although, it has to stay attractive and sexy. AIM agrees that dancing is an art as it expresses feelings which are seen as the basic thing that expresses art. The group prefers going to different dance schools to gain varied experience where they take lessons from different choreographers. The group’s uniform includes pants, shorts or crops that are fitted with T-shoes. During training they usually learn two combinations in hip hop and jazz and then perform the combos in small groups of two (James, n.d.). 


Semi-Professional Dancers can interest those dancers who want to learn the technical and performance aspects of dance with difference class attendance like ballet, improvisation, modern, tap and jazz. It focuses on many life aspects like leadership roles, building a work ethic, while fostering a positive group dynamic. We have exclusively learned about a group called AIM that consists of college students and we have seen that they have to balance between their school work and dancing. Dancing is an art that one can use to expand his/her career.

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