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The Tango dance’s origin can be traced in Rio de la Plata before it spread in other parts of the world. The dance has evolved. Modern fans of tango enjoy different types of this dance. Tango has its influence from the Africans and Europeans, whereby the modern tango has been established on the base of dances that were engaged in ceremonies of slaves in earlier times. The dance is also believed to have its roots from the poor and disadvantaged people, who remain heroes despite their little recognition. Those dancers and musicians have given tango a shape, style, making it improve over the years.

There is no dance like tango that is so passionate and sexy considering every step of dancers. Its beauty grabs ones attention leaving a viewer a desire to see more. My first encounter with this dance was in the movie Scent of a Woman that starred Al Pacino and Chris O’ Donnel. The movie has no love story and actually no woman involved in it. However, it illustrates an amazing relationship between two very different men. Al Pacino is blind. He asked a girl to dance tango on a dancing floor located in a fancy restaurant, and this left me a lot of fantasy about tango dance. This experience made me fancy to learn this dance and practice it at my wedding. Actually, tango is my favourite dance. It creates exciting and attractive images that inspire many associations, as well as interpretations like passion, sensuality, gender, nationality, and a universal form of art. The numerous dimensions of music and dance are fascinating. Tango elicits an elusive relationship between music and dance. The coordinate movements combine creativity and beauty that allows joint movements to bring out the prowess of tango dance.



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There exist different types of tango such as showm, old school, and club. Some types of tango are choreographed, and others are improvised to give the beauty associated with the dance. The dance is derived from the soul, and it becomes difficult to dance with appealing feelings. The tango music is normally written is some form of timing, whereby the initial teaching rhythm is slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. It is worth noting that the most difficult part in tango dance is the “embrace” followed by ‘the walk’. It is challenging to follow the rhythm of tango when upper body parts of dancers remain in proximity to each other. However, dancing tango a performer does need to set visual contact with a dancing partner.

Tango is overwhelmingly led by a visual stimulus and is about glamour and seduction, when a man and a woman embrace each other with the passion of music and that particular moment. When the eyes of the dancers are closed they capture the passion of the dance wholly. Tango is basically a simple walk that develops in a playful as well as harmonious partnership. It involves an embrace and a walk while putting the upper body of dancers in proximity with one another. Therefore, blind people dance tango perfectly because sight is one of the least useful senses in this dance. It is difficult to differentiate blind dancers and those who are not blind performing tango. The sense of touch is widely employed in the dance by blind people. This helps them identify proximity to their partners and perform through the tango medium.

The tango music was born alongside the dance when musicians attempted to fit melody and rhythm to the movements of the dance. The initial tunes of tango musicians were not trained but improvised on flute, guitar, and violin. One of the famous composers of real tango was Rosendo Mendizabal. The dance allows infinite combinations of real-time joint improvisation triggered by the flow of music. There are also evolving sequence where partners face each other in a fluid and often intimate embrace with variations in style. Walking to the beat is particularly sequential and improvised to allow mutual circling, leg crosses, tilts, poses, small jumps, and the free movement of legs aesthetically.

There are other contributors that convey or deliver the etiquette of tango. For instance, a code of behavior that reminds a time in history when men were men and women performed a submissive role. Tango is actually more subtle. The dance is equality in the spirit of tango as well as an interdependency (Maree). The man initiates and suggests a move while the partner accepts and interprets it and follows. Therefore, tango carries the echoes and values of all the dancers existed before. Tango has always been evolving improving its style and capturing the attention of people, who eager not only to enjoy this dance, but to practice it. For instance, in the world that has embraced technology and there is virtual communication tangle, dance enhances intimacy and is something that ought to be nurtured and celebrated just like a culture that is important to its people.

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In the Scent of a Woman, the dance displays one of specific gender roles conveying many levels of metaphor in a male-female relationship. The man takes the leading role initiating the movement with the forward thrust of his energy and the partner responds to the forward motion by shaping the raw energy. The partners are intertwined during the dance in a symbiotic relationship. The movements are sensual and passionate. The leader continually invites the follower to take a step, and the partner responds in a unique style with new energy (Maree). The partners engage in an intimate conversation accompanied by a leading dynamic.

Tango requires the extension of the individual senses in order to enhance an awareness of the partner. Proprioception is important to enable the dancers become self aware and understand the feelings of a partner. The blind tango dancer extends his sense of self becoming experts in movement and the partner’s body. Both dancers have to keep their upper body near each other to ensure balance, axis as well as position of their dance. The ability to see, therefore, does not limit blind people from engaging in tango but rather enhances the other senses creating more self awareness of space and movement. Proprioception, which emphasis on human sense of self and existence is the key sense in the blind tango dancers. Information from our senses is processed to make us aware of ourselves. The movements in tango may be complex, but awareness of the self is important in every tango dance movement (Morrall).

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In the spirit of tango, the movement is studied and deliberate. The partners hold each other close, and the cues are calculated and different. Physical contact is important and makes blind dancers more aware of their surrounding when dancing or not. In the Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino is a likable actor and demonstrates competency in his role illustrating the real tango in closeness of spirits. Tango usually involves a man and a woman in a symbiotic relationship, an expression of romance synchronized and choreographed movements. The tango dance was traditional performed by women alone, but when it spread into Argentina, it was embraced into a dance for couples or partners. The popularity of tango has greatly spread over the years in most parts of the world. The Argentine form of Tango is much more intimate compared to the Modern Tango and is appropriate for dancing in small settings especially indoors. Argentine Tango retains most characteristics of the original dance such as intimacy and a sense of sensuality among others.

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In conclusion, to dance tango one does not have always to see in order to feel a dance. What is important is to understand what you are about. Sight is not necessary to see where one is going because in tango it is all about a hunch in the sense of direction. Therefore, blind people are competent tango dancers, and it is like they just possess an inner compass that guides and gives direction. In fact, they do it better despite the sympathy they receive, they trust in their sense of direction and other senses making them dance without faltering to believe in themselves. The popularity of tango has spread globally, and this is evidenced by the different movies that have been developed around tango dance such the Scent of a Woman among others. This improvisational pair dance of tango is famous for its complexity and rigor as well as its high level of elegance, and the outstanding creative quality. The dance involves a strong connection between the partners and strong adherence while at the same time employs a great deal of creativity.


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