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Music of Franz Schubert is a unique combination of sensation, romantic ideals and personal emotionality of the composer. Its significance can be explained by the ways in which the emotional, moral, and political address of music impacts on audiences. The effect Schubert’s music has on the mood and perception is tremendous. Schubert’s music can be seen as one of the ways of artistic expression of what a person may not say with words – it goes far beyond the measures of a simple language, trivial words and phrases. However, Schubert’s music expresses different feelings. People may be dying of sorrow, of unshared love, of shame or grief (Gibbs, 1997). There is nothing impossible for Schubert’s music– any feeling may acquire deeper, richer shades if it is revealed in the musical format. For instance, such pieces as Number 7 (major D), the two piano trios B flat (D.898), and E flat, D.929 shows deep emotional and psychological reflect of feelings and the world around.

For instance, Schubert’s songs and symphonic music have been used to add to the emotional effect in films or advertising for a long time. Songs are highly expressive, so they may create a much better effect, depending on what the person wants to feel. Many of Schubert’s pieces are used in modern films, so if a film is of a science fiction or thriller genre, the choice of music is intense and emotionally colorful (McKay, 1998). If the film is a comedy, the choice of music falls on light, pleasant and fast melodies. Romantic melodies and tunes involve the choice of calm, romantic, relaxing sounds. Franz Schubert’s romantic ideas reflected in music express the rage, love, amusement, or aggression the people may have. His songs are a vivid expression of the message of love and romantic love in particular appealing to deep emotions and memories of target audience. The unique expressions, melodies and simplicity of musical texture attracts many listeners and make Schubert the best composer of Romantic era.


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