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Life has never been the way I have ever anticipated. As such, my life took a turnaround in my high school years. It has been a couple of years since I completed my high school life. However, this event has been so fresh in my mind just as it happened. In connection to this point, that day left me in a mixture of tears and confusion. My emotions ranged from sadness, fear and courage altogether. Nonetheless, I had to bear it all. It was exactly at 4.30 P.M on my way back to school when it happened. I was by then in my fourth form and I was just 30 minutes drive to school. Great were the hopes of accomplishing the day’s activities bearing in mind that I was almost caught up with time.

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 Needless to say, the vehicle that I had boarded was going at a high speed though it did not cross my mind that an accident was to happen. Within this time, we escaped a very vital head on collision that would have sent all our lives to an everlasting darkness. Nevertheless we escaped but this was not a solution either. So to speak, I had over-hanged my head through the window. In the process, the vehicle tried to give the other vehicle way and thus it avoided the head collision.

 However it lost balance and then rolled severally. It was within this time that my courage failed, I tried to pray to God Almighty to remember me as I knew I was in danger but seemingly I thought he was not listening. My feeble legs froze into immobility and my heart raced. Not knowing what to do, I became numb and could not move. I thought I was dead and then wondered if a dead person would in any case think. This gave me hope that I must have been alive. Surprisingly enough, my fellow friends called upon God and even pagans were shouting to God for help. By this time, I had started thinking about how I could get out of the wrecked vehicle. However, my efforts proved to be an exercise in futility as the more I tried to fight to come out, I sank the more in between the bodies of some who were already dead. This sight was like adding an insult to an injury as I knew I was at the verge of death. Just as the dead bodies reclined in the wrecked vehicle, ceaseless streams of tears flew from my very eyes. As we were being rescued from the scene of the accident, a lot of courage grew from within and amazingly enough I started helping removing the dead bodies from the ruin.  

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As if this was not enough, the worst was to come. Of a truth, it has never hit me that such a thing would come to pass. At this time forth, I was not ready to take it anymore. I could not; it was not me this time forth. Taking it to heart meant a lifetime trauma that would cost all my life. Even as I put it in word it is still fresh and I am at the verge of tears. I don’t know how best to put it down on paper; but, I have to say it this time forth. Imagining the body that lied next to me was my girlfriend’s was not an easy thing to contemplate. What hell could this be? Why me? Where is God? Has God changed all over sudden? These questions lingered my poor mind and for now confusion flickered my face.

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In the unfolding of events, I bent over and tried to call her to life but my efforts proved null. This may sound ridiculous but you can be sure by now I never knew what to do. I had already gotten out of my mind and rescuers were trying to handle my case to no avail. What else could I do? An insane high school boy, shocked at what life had brought, had nothing to do with life. Where were all hopes of attaining good grades? Hopes of a glorious marriage were shattered and things fell apart.

Following this point in time, the rest was narrated to me by eye witnesses of the scene. For real, I will not deviate from what the narrators told and for this reason I will retell the story once more, just as I heard it after two weeks in a coma. One of my classmates and in this case, my namesake, told me that afterwards I run away and was caught in a few yards by the rescuers. As they were trying to get hold of me, I grew violent and violent as I shouted; “This is not fair! Where are you God? You are not fair! These were the best words that I spoke by this time and just within a twinkle of an eye, I fell down and fell in a state of coma. Shortly after, I was rushed to the nearest hospital and the rest was history as they say.

I woke up after two weeks in a coma only to find myself in a hospital bed. To my immediate left, were my parents and on the other hand the doctor. Additionally, I saw some of my high school teachers around and for real, I could not make out what was really happening. It was within this context that the whole story was narrated to me. Eventually I was discharged and later on I went home and within another week later I went back to school. Nonetheless, this is one of my life’s experiences that I remember with a lot of nostalgia. 

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