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The outgoing president in his farewell speech elucidates peace. He urges the incoming president to be in oneness with the Congress and to find lasting solutions to the people of America. He notes that during his tenure he made several attempts to bring the leadership of America together and even to incorporate its power to better the world in controlling tragedies like wars, where his governance played a pivotal role in displaying mature interests in combating the menace. The outgoing President made it clear that the American leadership, despite its material wealth, machinery and enormous progress, cannot control peace in the entire world. However, he says that it is dependent on how the leaders use their interest to improve the lives of the rest of the world.

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He says that making these struggles was a key point in maintaining peace, enhancement of liberty, showing dignity and focusing on the integrity of American people and the nations of the world at large. President Eisenhower emphasizes that to strive to something lower than peace will never benefit the country, this, he further says, will put the country in jeopardy from both ends.

He encourages the incoming President that huddles, will also be a challenge recurrent in life. Finding feasible solutions will rest on the incoming President’s docket whether to adopt a proposal to curb the crisis. Agriculture as a sector of the economy is noted. Proper checks into the advantages of adopting the proposals to lessen the crises are emphasized in the speech. In the world today, the biggest challenge is of food insecurity, not only is it influencing the American Governance but the entire world. Several proposals of the same effect have been made and hurriedly put into action that others ignored. Constantly, we hear governments declaring food crises a national disaster. If only this was proper studied before, then the implementation of this mess in the globe today would have been a thing of yesterday. So, President Eisenhower said a good thing.

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Eisenhower addresses with reference to the American incoming President. In striving to equip the military for defense there are needs to be in full involvement of the society. Resources have to be involved regarding the cost factor of such defense. It is, of course, logical that a country that goes to attack another must be prepared; the resources that have been used ought to have been managed to develop other sectors of the economy. Cost involvement in the researches to boost the machinery and the defense level of the country as a crucial factor remains the issue to be tackled, and, indeed, this consumes the funds of the country. Unwarranted influence is a major cause of instability, it cautions the American people never to allow that happen.

Technological advancements make the country interfere in all spheres of life, even in its industrial-military pursuit, scientific research and education, which should be the focus. He acknowledges the contribution of time as another emblem of good governance and leadership to spearhead development in a country like America. The speech entails the need to conserve the resources for the future generation, being a factor to consider in democracy. Eisenhower makes his speech direct by mentioning the need to think of the world of tomorrow and the generation to come.

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Eisenhower urges that where differences emerge, there is a need to dispel them off and not with arms that has some countries resort to. He utters that he wishes to see a war-free nation, and that he wishes the war to be a thing of the past, and promises to continue to fight for the good of others in cases where he could be as a citizen.

He wishes that poverty, diseases and other degrading factors be eliminated at some point. Ignorance is put among the causes of poverty. He urges the American people to practice charity in curbing the poverty, diseases and the lack of knowledge. Finally, he hopes that the American people are brought together bound in love and respect for one another.

In conclusion, he forwards his pride for joining the American citizenry. Notably, these points that the outgoing president noted remain significant in the world today. It is arguably, but these points he noted may help America to become the super-power of today. Despite the fact that poverty and diseases still remain pivotal in America, at least the Presidents after Eisenhower tried greatly to control a lot to combat the problems. Also, peace-keeping is a bravo to this nation tribute to such a speech. A lot more can be said about his grand speech but, on my part, it’s a successful story to the American people. This speech showed ways for the national success.

All the elements of the speech can be seen to be relevant today, where there are minimal conservation measures to curb depletion and wars that have escalated. Poverty and diseases, as he noted, need to be fought today. So, this speech is very relevant to today’s situation.

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