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Mark is a 16 year old and is currently accused of multiple first-degree murders, robbery, and arson. The boy is from a regular family. His father is an Office Manager in a local wholesale company, and his mother is a nurse in a local medical center. He also has an elder brother who studies at college now. Mark has been displaying signs of aggressiveness since he was young. Parents noticed that and decided to provide the boy with the possibility to release that inner tension. They brought him to karate classes. Those classes seem to work, and they boy looked like he found what he needed to pertain a psychological balance.

When he was 14, parents had to move, and the boy changed the school. After that, teachers in the new school started reporting that Mark regularly beats his classmates and other students, who attempt to argue with him. Initially Mark’s parents could not believe that it was true. But later, they were contacted by other parents on the same matter. After talking to Mark, his parents figured out that Mark decided that he will be hated in his new school and started proving his strength in practice from the first days. His karate skills obviously gave him advantage in those conflicts. The conflict with his classmate John was especially strong, and they boys fought quite often; Mark always being stronger and hurting John more seriously. Once, John’s father Derek interrupted their fights and hit Mark so that he fell down. That was the first time Mark couldn’t defend himself.

After that accident, Mark tried revenge and set John’s house on fire. He also killed John’s dog. But there was no evidence that it was Mark. After that, John’s father found Mark again and beat him severely. That night Derek had late shift. Mark went to his house and stabbed numerously John and his mother who tried to defend his son. Then, he waited for Derek to come and stabbed him as well. Then he set the house on fire again.

The police found enough evidence to arrest Mark, and it was ruled out that he is going to be treated as an adult. After being arrested mark keeps silent, and his silence is considered as a refusal to cooperate.


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