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It was one of the most memorable events in my life. I went to attend an international conference where we were taught about IMF’s involvement in the third world. No sooner had we sat down in preparation to receive the speech from the guest speaker than we realized what mess had happened. There were no signs to indicate any form of interference of such kind. The old face showed the signs of surprise while standing in front of the eyes of every attendant. Cameras kept flashing with a motive trying to capture the image of ghost guest and it was difficult not only for me but for most of the people to hear the message that the man was trying to pass over. All the journalists were trying to send back this piece of sudden news as soon as possible. In addition, it was the headline for the following’s day newspaper. The man, whose name remained concealed to the public, had now become a celebrity in his own way. His visage became famous on the most web pages in the Internet.

The man who had a dark complexion, whose description derived from the words of people, had now become a guest, the one who had no invitation. In fact, he was now the uninvited guest. His look was of no difference from those of the other people in the audience. From the way he appeared, it was vivid that he had great determination of saying what was contained in his heart and mind. There seemed to be nothing that could stop him from conveying his message. The man raised his voice and said, “Your speech is absolute nonsense. It is time to say the truth”. All this continued after the uninvited guest rudely interrupted the guest speaker who was about to start his long-awaited speech.

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It took me quite some time to comprehend what the uninvited guest was really trying to say. I realized that he was making attempts to comment on the speech that the coordinator of the conference had presented earlier. The man was smartly dressed in a grey suit and seemed very angry. He waved his arm with an aim to capture the attention so that he could express his feelings. He said that he was very infuriated by the speech of the coordinator and he had rights to express his opinions and ideas. The conference had now fallen into disorder. People were trying to know whom he was and as a local citizen, someone asked me, “Do you know this man?” I just shrugged and said, “I have no idea. Maybe you can call him Robin Hood in the conference”. I joked to my partner. “He must have some thoughts and courage of Robin Hood who dare doing things that others are not allowed”.

The guest speaker did not say anything. He just remained calm and watched patiently the crazy things that were happening. Neither he nor the crowd had expected such thing to happen in this graceful occasion. The speaker whispered something to his translator that left people with their own guesses. The translator gave a short answer, and their patience and calmness resumed.

In fact, this was the speaker from IMF. He was the one to speak about IMF’s involvement in the third world. Maybe, some of interrupters word were not welcomed by anybody but he still tried to play a heroic role. He was telling people his opinions and explained the reasons for interrupting the conference. He said that people may have not regarded him as an incarnation of justice, but he insisted that he was one. His speech had no flow or any sequence of ideas. It was full of meaningless words and critics.

This man was not worried with what people would say about him. His main concern was the purpose that had brought him. He said that the coordinator and other leaders have a tendency of misusing resources and then turn to ask for help from international organizations. His actions showed that he did not care about other people’s feelings. He talked so rudely using obscene language. The person sited next to me complained about how disgusting the behavior of this intruder was. He said to me, “This man ought to have followed the right protocol. I think if he had raised his hand, the speaker would have given him a chance to express his opinions. This is really nonsense, and it should not be tolerated anymore”.

Maybe, the majority of people held the same view because he received negative feedback from the audience. He seemed very lonely, and the reaction of the audience could not hinder him from doing what he thought was right for him. As time went by, more people seemed to be going against him.

Eventually, he seemed to turn down, and the security guards intervened to resume the conference to its planned program. The guards carried away from the conference hall as he shouted and tried to resist. After the conference, I could not stop thinking about the incident. The intruder had tried to humiliate the guest speaker and the coordinator, but his efforts were proved futile. I could not figure out how a man could do such nonsense because of anger. It took me quite some time to recover from the incidents of this event. I also tried to learn from this incident what the repercussions of one’s actions in public are. I realized that there were things to do when one was alone, with relatives or with friends, and there were those who should be done in public. These two should be very different, and people should learn to control their emotions when in public. However, people should follow the right procedure when presenting their views in public.


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