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Dear citizens, as a medical director of the Laboratory in the TodesvilleHospital and honorable representative of the city authorities, I have an announcement. This is a sad news for our city. You should know that in Todesville, which is a little and one of the most peaceful neighborhoods, something horrible happens. It is a beginning of the new epidemic of Zombie disease. Only for the last few days, we have got twenty infected people, and their amount continues to grow. From the first sight, you cannot recognize a Zombie, because he looks like an ordinary person. Be careful!

First of all, you should know what type these Zombies are of. They are not as kind as we used to watch in movies. These are the most horrible creatures. Earlier, Zombies were dead people who enlivened by magic voodoo or by dangerous flies named zomas. Now, there is a new developed form. These Zombies can infect normal people by simple touch or even eye contact. Their main victims are children under ten. Moreover, you should know that not every child can be a victim of Zombie. They can infect only spiteful, mean, and grumble children. The beginning of this disease is unnoticeable, so there is danger that you won’t notice it, and it will be too late for treatment. The first symptom is little acnes that appear behind the ears and will grow every day. The child loses understanding of reality and can run away or even kill. At the same time, his/her body will deteriorate, the cells become ruined and ugly. This process starts from those acnes.

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As the prevention methods, you should remember that your children should wear sunglasses and clothes with long arms and long pants. The most important is to teach them to be polite and kind, make them always smile. Smile is the only thing these Zombies are afraid of. In addition to this, you should give your children salt and lemon. Salt helps to avoid infection, lemon helps to recognize when a child is already infected. If your child eats lemon and does not bevel because of its sour taste, try to carefully and unnoticeable check his/her ears if there are acnes behind them. If yes, you should immediately bring him or her to our hospital. But remember, this is very important! Do not show them that you recognized their infection, because they can run away, and you will never find them. Another important thing is that we have only 42 hours to start treatment. In other case, it is going to be too late. The treatment period will last one month. We will provide our patients with the new medicine which is safe for everyone, even for those who have allergies. As long as Voodoo experts were involved in the invention of the pills against this illness and cream against the acnes, it allowed us to created effective panacea. Besides, they will stay for all time with patients and observe their reactions providing a high quality treatment. Except medicine, we will teach children to do good acts as a part of rehabilitation.

So, remember what you should do to prevent an injection and how react in case of emergency:

  1. Children should wear sunglasses, long-armed clothes, and long pants.
  2. Children should smile, think and act positively.
  3. You should give them salt and lemon and check their ears every day.
  4. Bring them to the Hospital without showing them that you know the truth or have any suspicions.
  5. Leave them in the Hospital for the whole period of treatment and follow all instruction of doctors.

I would like to say that it is something positive, so there should be no panic. Just be careful and watch your children. Our experts are working on the methods how to treat children who were injected more than two days before. Finally, the most important is that we are now testing medicines against these Zombies that soon will make them not dangerous.


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