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“The water is your friend… You don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.”, said Alexandr Popov. It is hard not to agree with this quote because it’s definitely true. Swimming is like ones unity with water. What is more, it is good for your health as it helps to support your weight, improve muscular strength and even maintain internal organs.

Speaking about swimming techniques I should say that they are very important to be worked out as they help beginners and professional swimmer to perform swimming properly. Moreover, it is easier with their help overcome difficulties and fears concerning the water. It is obvious that each accomplishing of any new technique in swimming always brings plenty of pleasure and complacency. I am not the exception. At first, my great achievement was freestyle as I was a beginner and it seemed to me not as easy. Later I realized that it is a basic technique which is obligatory for swimmers. Having accomplished basic techniques, I became proud of working out “treading water”. I can’t say that this technique is hard to be worked on but the lack of experience in swimming, shortness of breath and some kind of panic are not required here. It is important to be calm and perform any sort of movement allowing treading water. This swimming technique involves swimmer staying in vertical position leaving his/her head above the surface of the water. “Treading water” helps the swimmer to keep his/her head from submerging. While accomplishing this technique I also had to overcome insecurities. However, it is necessary to move ones legs and arms in a specific style in order to keep ones head above the water. If you are not professional swimmer, the lack of experience can lead to becoming tired very quickly, some kind of panic. Being a professional, allows you to use different techniques along with treading water. The same was with me. At first, it was hard for me to keep this position for a long time as I got tired rather quickly. Self-adjusting and easiness helped me to overcome this. What is more, I became more skilled in this kind of technique and now I am able to perform “treading water” without any difficulties and fears as well. Nevertheless, there are swimming techniques which I’m willing to master. One of them is “the butterfly stroke”, known as “fly”. While other swimming styles can be swum by beginners, this one is available only for professionals as it requires accomplished technique and strong muscles. “The butterfly” should be swum on the breast, arms should be moved simultaneously, and it should be accompanied by the “dolphin kick”. Even teachers of swimming consider this technique to be the most difficult as head, breast, and shoulders have to be above the water at the same time. Besides, it requires good breathing. However, accomplishing this style of swimming, it would be possible to perform it without any difficulties.

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Having a friend who would like to take up swimming, I can’t help quoting professional swimmer. Jeff Rouse, Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and swimming World Record setter, said, "Enjoy swimming for swimmings sake. We have to spend far too much time in the water to not enjoy the process challenging yourself of moving through the water".These words are important to be told someone who is beginner in swimming because it is really essential to get pleasure from this process and from water as well.

If I had a friend who was learning to swim, I would not be the best teacher of swimming. Nevertheless, I would be able to give a piece of advice. As I have experience of beginner in swimming, it would be important to tell my friend that freestyle swimming, also known as “the front stroke”, is the most basic and the most needed technique. It is rather good for beginners. Moreover, freestyle is pretty easy to work on. While performing this style of swimming, you need to keep your hands 180’ degrees from each other. Your knees should touch, legs should kick, your need to lift your arms alternately over the head; and when you lift one arm you should turn your head in that direction and take a breath. This technique is one of the most important as it trains you swimming in the best way; it develops your breathing and muscular strength.

Another weighty technique for beginners is “the back stroke”. It is almost the same as “the front stroke”; you just lie not your front but on your back. The performing is also similar: your hands should be 180’ degrees one from another all the time; you kick your legs and keep the knees in touch; you just don’t need to turn your head. It is easier to breath while performing “the back stroke” as your head is above the water at all times. The only thing you need is to keep your body afloat. This technique helps to keep your body in proper fitness level; it is one of the best styles so that to relax and have pleasure from swimming.

What is more, I think that it is also essential to do definite exercises for a beginner in swimming in order to prepare one’s body and health for physical load. Swimming requires good health, muscular endurance and coordination. That’s why, I’d advice my friend to do morning exercises, try to eat healthy food, give up bad habits, especially smoking, and work on breath control. Moreover, the beginner should always remember that it is forbidden to do unnecessary movements in water; he/she should not move his/her head in needless directions, only in those that are required by the technique. Nevertheless, it is important to be calm and collected; you should not think about rules of the style of swimming while you are in the water, you just need to remember that you are in the water.

In conclusion, I must say that swimming is the best way of recreation. This kind of sport has not only a competitive side. You can relax and have fun being in the water. Moreover, swimming is used for treatment in different resorts as it develops one’s muscles and can also aid in physical therapy. I consider swimming to be essential part of my life.


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