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Islam is one of the world’s most ancient religions, no wonder that the number of its proponents becomes bigger with each coming day. Yukie Tatta, a project researcher at the Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology, Tokyo, delivered a great lecture about Muslim people in Europe. The author aptly shows all the growing tensions which Muslim population causes in the European countries. These tensions tackle the problems of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, even identity of nations (the amount of Muslims on the European continent grows with the unimaginable speed – it doubled in past 30 years and is going to double again by 2015). From Mrs Tatta’s lecture I realized that if the problem is not recognized by policy-makers, then Europe can change drastically over the next few decades.

I was quite impressed about the act of Danish Theo van Gogh who, in a very negative way, shot a movie about Muslims and who was threatened and then killed in Amsterdam by a Muhammad Bouyari for insulting Islam. This case caused a wave of panic among the Dutch signaling for the possible growth of Islamic terrorism.

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When France banned wearing hijab for Muslim women, it caused a lot of protests too. The French government states that we live in a shared society and hijab-wearers are relegated to the inferior status which is not compatible with the French understanding of equality, the lecturer continued sharing with us interesting information.

What concerns the very presentation, Mrs Tatta behaved as a real professional. I learnt that to have a good eye contact and speak with different intonations is very important to keep the audience interested. It is very helpful that she used so many visual aids – it facilitated my understanding a lot (especially when she told us about the tension between Muslims and European governments – the video had a great impact on me, helping me to understand all the acuteness of the situation better). On the other hand, I got an idea that she wasn’t really thinking about the way she would lead the presentation as I could notice several times that she lost the track of thought or could not find the needed visuals and video. Her body language, however, was excellent. She knows how to gain people’s attention and affection. Even when she did not know what to say for several seconds, she behaved with confidence, without showing her embarrassment. She gave me a good lesson.

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