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In search of a perfect partner for my entire life! I am an aerobic bacillus and a gram negative bacterium. I am about 2 micrometer in length and can range between 0.3 and 0.9 micrometer in width. I am well known as an intracellular parasite characterized by bacterial pneumonia.

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I normally like to live in aquatic areas such as lakes. Areas I live in are concentrated with algae and some organic particles. These particles help me grow with the supply of nitrogen and iron. I can survive under a temperature of 20 to 45 degrees. I am sorry but you have to like association with protozoa because I live with them. My best protozoa friends are Tetrahymena thermophilia, Acanthamoeba castellani and Hartmanella vermiformis.

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I was born in 1976 and became popular through pneumonia disease which killed 29 people in America Legion. In Legionellaceae family, I am the most powerful one. I am capable of causing legionellosis, an infection which results in legionnaire’s disease in human. As hobbies, I like to infect human beings’ lungs via aerolisation. Air conditioners help is the best tool that helps me invade people’s body.

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If you want a happy relationship with me, please do not bring antibiotics with you! I hate them. My side effects are failure in respiration and renal. I grow in two ways: the multiplicative way in which I infect a host cell early and multiply very fast and the active infective way in which I grow later after infection.

Hey! I am beautiful. My membrane has lipopolysaccharide. I can only grow where sodium lever is low. My memorable event is when I infected 221 people. I hope you find me interesting! If you liked my profile, please, send me your details and any questions you may have to my personal email:

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