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There was nothing but a six meter tall silver lined door in front of me and thick clouds of blue color were light and mists of yellow raindrops fell from above. I looked up with wonder at the sight of a golden sky. A raindrop fell on my lips and it tasted like fresh sweet apples during season. I tried to catch some of the golden raindrops but they disappeared as they touched my palm. Wondering what was behind the tall door, I reached for the knob and opened it. I felt a tickling current flowed from the knob passing through my veins and landed on my lips. The feeling made me smile. As I saw my smiling reflection at the door, I realized that only smiling people could open it. The door released and my eyes opened wide in astonishment at the sight in front of me. I stood still and marvelled at everything. I was about to step forward when a wind caught me and pulled me back. It took me upwards until I understood I was in outer space already. The wind brought me to a planet of green and blue colors and as I landed, I realized I was already on planet Earth. I looked up to the sky and tried to find the place I had just left. I saw only golden stars shining brightly and then I woke up.

It seemed so real in my dream. It was a planet and there was life on it. No one has ever seen it but I saw it with my eyes and felt it with my own senses. It is true that life exists on other planets and it was truly far better than ours.

The people were wearing white dresses that shone brightly and their countenances shone with happiness as well. Everyone was cheerful and not a single child was crying. I am sure that sins do not exist there. Everything seemed pure, shining, and pleasant for the eyes. Children were playing happily with other children and animals too. The place was filled with beautiful music which I had never heard on the Earth. Even the swaying of the trees and the wind created a melody so soft for the ears. I saw a large body of water but it was nothing like the seas and oceans we know. It was calm and refreshing. The water was like a glass reflecting everything in it. The air was neither warm nor cool and it smelled like a sweet morning in a huge field of flowers.

I never thought such a beautiful place exists somewhere out in space. I now have a strong feeling that life really exists out there and it is different from ours, just as how their place was.


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