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Free «The Story ”A Rose for Emily”» Essay Sample

“A Rose for Emily” is a story that is divided into five parts. In the first part, the narrator recollects what happened during the funeral of Emily Grierson. All the town members attended the funeral at her home which nobody had visited for over than ten years. In a neighborhood that was once stylish, the house of Emily is the final indication of the grandeur of the misplaced era (Faulker 11). Sartoris Colonel, who was the previous mayor of the town, had put on hold Emily’s taxation task just after her father’s death. He made justification to the fact that Mr. Grierson had lent the society a large sum of money. The attempts of the new town leader to make Emily restart her payments failed. During the visit by the Aldermen, Emily states that she is excluded from paying tax in Jefferson. She further directs the officials to discuss the matter with Colonel. At this time, the former mayor had already died, and, for almost a decade she directs Tobe who is her servant to give them the direction (Faulker 34).

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In part two, the storyteller makes description of thirty years prior to the time when Emily opposed another inquiry from official when the residents of the town discovered a strong odor that was originating from her home. Emily’s father had just passed away, and a man who was believed to have had interest in marrying her had left her. When the grievances increased, Judge Stevens, who was the mayor by that time, made a decision to sprinkle lime around the foundation of Grierson’s home during the middle of the night (Faulker 28). The town residents had a belief that Grierson had great expectations, which led to her father denouncing most of the suitors who proposed to marry his daughter. Without being married, Emily stays single even after turning thirty years.

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When Grieson died, the town residents came at the home to provide their condolences. Emily, who told them that her father was still alive, turned them away. She kept on the pretense for three good days when she finally turned Grierson’s body for burial.

The storyteller makes clear description of lengthy illness, which Emily undergoes after the incidence in part two. During the summer season after the death of her father, the town gave contract to workers who were required to make paves on the sidewalks. The company was under the instructions of Homer Baron who was a northerner was given the tender. He became a significant figure in the town. Afterwards, the town residents taking Emily out one Sunday afternoon spotted him (Faulker 56). The residents felt that Emily had started forgetting their family’s pride and engaging with a person who was below their social status. The relationship continued and, at the time, Emily realized that her reputation in the community was diminishing. She went to buy arsenic drug, a dangerous poison, from the drug store where she was expected by the law to specify how she intended to use the drug. She did not have any explanation to that effect. The drug’s function was to kill rats.  

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Some of the town residents had fear that the protagonist may use the drug to destroy herself. This provides the idea that her expected marriage could be unfruitful apart from their Sunday activities with Homer. Women in the town were interested much and asked the Baptist minister to discuss the issue with her. After the minister had visited the home, he never revealed what went on and made an oath never to return to the home. This makes the wife of the minister write a letter to Emily’s tow cousins who lived in Alabama. They managed to arrive and took some time to spend in the home (Faulker 60).

When the cousins came, they did not see Homer. The villagers had two assumptions. They thought that he was either planning to move Emily to the North or he was avoiding her cousins who had come to the home. After the visitors had departed, he comes back in the home. He is never seen for the rest of the book. Her door remained closed from outsiders. Emily refuses to pay her tax and only makes occasional peeps through the window. She never reveals anything until she passes away at an old age of seventy-four years. The significant figure seen in and out of the room is the servant (Faulker 61).  

Part five of the story looks at activities that happened after Emily’s death. Her body was laid out while the town residents attended the funeral together with her two cousins. A few minutes had passed when they opened the room that had remained closed for a period of forty years to find Homer’s body lying on the bed and rotting.                                    

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