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Many memories cross my mind as I reflect back on the one year that I have been in college. Some of these memories are very exciting while others are frustrating. However, the distressing experiences are few, and the incredible ones are countless. I have chosen to take this course so that I can establish myself as a valuable writer, a successful solver to difficulties, a vigorous, accomplished, well-informed individual, and a causative United States and international civilian. These values mirror all of my most outstanding achievements, although they may not seem an accomplishment to some people. At present, my objective is to share my understanding with others, in a manner that makes everyone appreciate why I chose this English class. I am an online student taking English. I am in the military; and this my first year in college. I started this class because I wanted to develop my writing skills and also to enhance my creativity.

A successful writer should be capable of writing unmistakably and efficiently in various approaches. Such a writer should be able to express any thoughts and ideas both verbally and in written form . Through English classes and private reading experiences, I have gained admiration for literature and I have managed to recount every occurrence by reacting with thoughtfulness, consideration, and close scrutiny. Before joining this English class, I had been writing many unnecessary paragraphs in my essays. I was familiar with composition or essay writing, but my potential was restricted. My midterm paper improved significantly compared to my initial ones. It was well planned and gave details of all the steps as revealed in the introduction. Some of my first papers were irregular and unsystematic. This possibly occurred since I struggled to make them lengthy. Consequently, I neglected some organizational tips.

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As a distance-learning student, I occasionally disregard my lessons because of individual or professional conditions. My desire to become a good writer has been a persuasive basis that inspires me to take up the classes. I like the freedom of my online classes and I also get greater independence of scheduling. I have learnt to be disciplined, and my research skills are now better since I do the reading, listening and analysis of academic materials on my own. Thus, I have become a good listener since listening is an integral part of distance learning. I have also improved my reading ability given that all my lessons require me to work according to written guidelines. Published materials are the main source of directions and information in online courses. I have also been at ease contacting my instructors any time I require their assistance. Therefore, my communication skills have also improved, since I have been able to maintain an open communication system with my instructor and classmates. I ask my instructors about lesson content or coursework, and I inform them if there is any problem with these materials.

The possibility to complete my assignments any time I have access to an Internet link gives me some exceptional opportunities and distinctive obligations to organize my own time and finish my class homework. Hence, I have developed a plan for efficient time management and assignment completion. I plan my employment meetings and schedule for all activities I want to do. Since I do not meet my classmates and instructors, I have learned to involve myself in learning process as much as possible by joining online chats and dialogue boards.

Additionally, I have enhanced my self-motivation and self-control since I am accountable for my own accomplishments. Moreover, I have learned many things about using computers and I am not scared of doing different operations on the computer. Given that my online class needs me to be comfortable using electronic mail, a web browser, and a word processor, I have successfully installed and configured some software for my lessons. I have managed to share my personal knowledge and pay attention to others. Being a student, I can learn from the life, occupation, and school practices of my teacher or my fellow students. Other people’s ideas have given me fresh initiatives and exhilarating new challenges.

Nevertheless, I have some untapped potential as a writer. I can write longer works and my language is getting better day by day. I constantly strive to apply transition expressions in my paragraphs and papers. Although I make every effort, it is enough at times. Sometimes I hardly succeed in clearly communicating my point to my readers. At the beginning of my online class, I had countless flaws. Numerous spelling errors and poor conclusions in my papers are some of the problems that used to discourage me intensely. However, I have learnt a lot in this first year in college. To begin with, this self-assessment essay has helped me to realize that I can evaluate my work from the start to the end. My arrangement for self development is that I will devote more time to studying my essays further and inquiring about the opinion of my online classmates, instructors, and other people that can assist me in revising and assessig myself. Finally, as a part of my regular routine, I will continue putting the best of my effort and time into my study in order to thrive in essay writing, creative thinking and efficient communication, not only in my course, but also in the near future.


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