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Society has always been dynamic and many theories have been developed to explain this nature; George Ritzer in his concept on McDonaldization explains how society has transformed. In his idea he explains societal transformation to a culture that is characterized by the idea of fast food joints. This paper critically explains Ritzer’s concept of McDonaldization and justifies how it has benefited modern society.

Ritzer draws attention to on four aspects of society that signify the changes to McDonaldization; these include efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control (Ritzer, 2009). He focuses on a society that always wants expediency and convenience; in this regard they have gone for the fast options that are convenient, effective and efficient. In the component of efficiency people are constantly looking for the fastest way to accomplish a task and this has benefited society in inventions. It has led to discovery of technology which has made things easy fast and at some times instant. For instance, People can shop and get their products easily thanks to the inventions of online shopping that incorporates efficient ordering, payments and delivery processes. Without these inventions society would be still grappling with time saving techniques.

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In the second concept of predictability it has enhance the modern society to be a global village. This is because no matter where you are you can communicate and get services or products close to you. There are standardized products and services world over meaning that there is equitable growth in all areas (Ritzer, 2009). Modern society has been educated on different issues and despite the fact that in some areas it causes culture change; this change has contributed positively to the areas. This spreads even to firms and organizations where they compete globally meaning they will improve their product and services and hence contribute to better services so as to retain the clients. Some organizations even develop global loyalty systems meaning that customers globally will get the best services; these are some positive impacts of competition (Ritzer, 2009). This also applies to the system of justice where society has continued to fight for human rights for people globally as they seek a standardized system. This is positive since it seeks to liberate society from bondage and enslaving cultures and ensure a predictable society.

Perhaps, the most positive impact of McDonaldization of modern society is the ability to control. With control every society is able to achieve the intended purpose; at the outset the introduction of non human technologies has enhanced the social way of working; but uses of human power it takes time which is precious. Non human technology makes it possible to accomplish the impossible in the shortest time possible and at a cheap price (Ritzer, 2008). Development of technology comes in as a control of processes where modern society can deliver effectively. Control also comes in since it is also easier to control non human technologies than human technologies. In this regard, the exact expected production is achieved with no major variations. This makes scheduling and planning easier and successful; which has in no doubt enhanced modern society.

Calculability couples up with control given that it will aim to control the objectives. The objectives are made quantifiable instead of subjective; if society is able to set goals and targets on quantity and quality then this makes the system well justified to be good. Modern society, through McDonaldization is able to monitor the quality, quantity and price to be at the right price. Though scholars may argue that firms want society to believe they get a lot for less money; it may also be interpreted as meaning that people will get more for the right price and quality (Ritzer, 2008). This is a positive aspect for modern society and should be implemented to ensure it remains effective and progressive.

In conclusion, though there may be negative issues on McDonaldization such as irrationality of rationality (Ritzer, 2008), the positives of a McDonaldised society stands out tall and its impacts remain significant. Indeed, McDonaldization is an affront on individuality and creativity.


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