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Lady Hyegyong is writing to give the memories that had happened to her as the Korean princess. The memoir of Lady Hyegyong is a collection of Lady Hyegyong writings when she was a princess of Korea. She wrote what had occurred in her life including her husband’s death. She wrote to stop the rumors that were going on about her husband’s death. Lady Hyegyong defends her father and brothers against charges of treason. She also defends husband that he did not cause his death. Her writings were addressed to her grandson, King Sunjo, to restore the honor of her family.

Lady Hyegyong was at age 9 when she got married to a Korean Prince who was called Sado. She witnessed her husband go mad and she became a widow later still very young. She wrote to try explaining what could have caused the death of her husband.

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She explains that her husband had become mad and was not at the right state of mind when he died. She blamed the disrespectful servants to the cause of the madness of her husband. The king had asked Sado, his son to move to the previous king’s quarters where the servants were still royal to the previous kings to the point of being disloyal to Sado. Sado had married at an early age and this could have caused his madness. Lady Hyegyong also blamed evil spirits to have caused her husband’s madness.

Sado was so frustrated that he even murdered attending servant. He killed many servants such that his quarter was like a funeral home. Sado's illness was too much that he became uncontrollable. Since he was a prince and this meant he was from a royal family, he would not be executed.

She partly blames the loyal family to have caused the death of her husband. Lady Hyegyong notes that Yongjo, the king had constantly blamed his son for bad weather. He even cleaned his own ears after speaking to Sado in order to wash away the day's bad luck. He said that Sado was a dull child. Sado being despised by his father contributed to frustrations that led to his madness.

Lady Hyegyong heard the king plot to kill his inconvenient heir as slowly and strangely as possible. Since Sado was one of the sons that the king despised gave a great reason for lady Hyegyong to believe that the king had something to do with her husband’s death. Her husband died one night during thunder storm which he had phobia for. This would have caused his death. The shock from the loud sounds of thunder storm would have caused his death since he was not also in his right state of mind.

Lady Hyegyong justified her act of not killing herself to follow her husband to the next life. She explained that she could have followed her dead husband but she did not for the sake of their son. She explains her determination to make sure that her son became king. Her son later became the king in Korea.


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