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Contrast may be described using two entities or objects that clearly and practically demonstrate striking differences. This means that after the two are compared in reference to their opposing characteristics a substantial number of differences will be evident although the two entities or objects are of the same type, models or origin or any other form of similarities. This essay will seek to demystify the word contrast and to do this; the essay will use some contrasting entities including two competing social networking websites, methods of communication and contrasting differences in generations.

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Any social networking site has a history how it started and the features it has introduced in it process of growth in order to meet the demands of their customers and beat the ever rising competition. Facebook is a good example of social networking sites that have gained popularity especially among the youth. It started in the year 2004 as a simple social networking site targeting to facilitate communication among the students of Harvard University. Despite its humble beginning and limited target group, its rapid popularity leads to its influx into other universities. Following a great demand and membership, facebook expanded from a simple networking site initially meant for students in one university to a network that any interested person in the world may join (Rutledge 32)

Following this popularity, a great deal of venture has been made to improve on the quality of services offered and also introduction of additional services. These services have continuously facilitated the growth of facebook as well as enhancing its accessibility. These services include mobile accessibility which practically brought the service even closer to the users. Secondly, marketplace classified adds enhanced facebook’s popularity since the marketers are sure to that a considerable number of customers will get access to the ads and in return this became another means of popularizing facebook. Thirdly, facebook has introduced a great number of third-party applications because the initial application making the site more user-friendly than it started. In addition, another feature that has seen the growth of face book is the polls conducted on the facebook which have greatly affected its growth positively. Equally important is the issue of facebook opening up its wings to team up with other communication sites and media companies such as, Warner bros, Forbes, Virgin Mobile USA, among others. Facebook have rapidly recorded a tremendous growth in its membership in comparison with other social networking sites (Rutledge).   

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Twitter on the other hand is a social networking site which also entails real-time communication with a membership of over 200, 000, 000 people who interact socially or transact businesses through it. It provides the user with an interface to be able to write a short message of up to 140 characters what is referred to as a tweet. The users may use the message descriptive pane to text or to send video, photo or any other form of media.  Twitter is also used as form of gathering information from other tweeter users making it an informative site. Twitter is also an important application tool for telephone, email among other business application tools (Morris). Twitter have also grown in popularity and have come in many languages including English, French, German, Japanese, Italian among others. This is a service labeled twitter on the go. In addition twitter and the community is a service that facilitates communication among the people. Key contrasting features may clearly be identified in the two social networking sites and the same applies to others that have not been discussed. These contrasting features might have been motivated by competition, necessity and a need to improve on service delivery.

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Another contrasting issue may be seen with the way people communicate using cell phones telephones. Issues have always arisen when people tries to establish when calling is more appropriate than calling. Contrasting ideas have been witnessed in the discussion. Many factors may be considered when choosing between the two methods of communication. This may include the environment you are in, the people around you, the time or the audience among others. According to the socially connected in the book   The Txt Book: Your Guide to Social Networking, There are times when it is most appropriate to call rather that write a text message such as when you have a very important urgent message you wish to deliver which you expect the receiver to get it accurately. Or when you have a length discussion you wish to share with a friend or explain to a colleague at your work place or a family member calling would be better because you will have a direct response. Calling would also be better if you have no time to write a text especially when in a hurry. In addition, calling is better when you want to communicate your emotions to the recipient or when the person you are calling is unable to reply the text in this case calling would be the most appropriate method of communication (Connected 6).

However, texting may also be the only option in some situations such as when you are in a noisy environment or even when you are extremely busy and have no time to sit and chat or explain to a friend. Texting on the other hand is also applicable when you don have a major issue especially when you want to just pass a greeting to a friend. Texting is also appropriate when you can speak what is in your mind because of fearing the immediate response or you are nervous about an issue. It is also appropriate if whatever you wish to communicate is private and you are in a crowded environment whereby you don’t want you friends to listen to your conversation. Therefore contrast is clearly observed when it comes to determine the best method of communicating in reference to the rules and regulations pertaining to phone usage etiquette (Connected 7).          

Contrast may also be observed in the change in generations and especially in the new generation in reference to the old generation. Contrast is particularly noted in the way they speak, dress, behave, work, live, interact among others. Patricia Vendramin in her book Generations at Work and Social Cohesion in Europe observed that although there are many factors that define a generation including cultural factors, political, economic among others, these factors have collectively contributed towards the way people carry on their duties in the places of work. This may be seen in the way colleagues relate at work and/or the policies put in place in reference to the ones practiced before (Vendramin 12). Contrast may also be noted in the way children in the new generation relates to their parents with reference to how our parents related to their parents including communication, etiquette, the way they learnt in schools, the way they communicated or the environment they grew in.


This essay sought to demystify the term contrast and have clearly established that though similar, various entities have striking differences and for this reason the essay clearly sighted some contrasting situations. 

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