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In recent times, the traditional definition of marriage has been under increasing scrutiny and has generated a hotly contested debate. The conventional definition of marriage is that it is a binding, lifetime agreement between a man and a woman. By agreeing to undertake the contract together, they assume the titles husband and wife respectively. This union must be culturally or legally sanctioned, such that it becomes a binding contract. However, in the recent past, rising divorce cases and the controversial clamor for same-sex unions has eclipsed the conventional definition of marriage. Marriages are no longer lifetime contracts. Both men and women are breaking their sacred oaths any time they want at an alarming rate. In addition, laws have been amended to include contracts between two men or between two women. This essay shall address marriage as an institution between two people of the opposite sex. It shall seek to establish the merits of getting married and offer tips which can be implemented towards a successful marriage. Therefore, the definition here in is similar to the unified front held by major world religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Marriage is a sacred institution that has endured time. Ever since time immemorial, a person would choose someone from the opposite sex, with whom one would pledge to spend his or her lifetime with, without breaking the basic laws of faithfulness between couples. Therefore, marriage is the first step towards establishing a conventional nuclear family which consists of a father, mother and the children. This close-knit group, who share a bond enhanced through blood, has not only given rise to a stable second and subsequent generation, but also led to enhanced, balanced and enriched relationships between people, which are at the core of making us human and rational.

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There are several benefits that a couple enjoys one they are married. First, once a couple gets married, they are granted the authority to live together. Apart from keeping each other company in good and bad times in order to wade off loneliness, couples have the joy of sharing their exciting moments. Both Christians and Muslims concur that marriage is not a path for procreation only. Rather, couples should also get married for companionship. Physical, emotional and spiritual support is vital if a married couple is to withstand tough times. Marriage provides an easy yet intricate way of sharing one’s experiences, joy, bad moments and exciting moments.

Secondly, living together affords couples the advantage of division of labor. Traditionally, a man would tackle the physical chores while a woman was charged with indoor responsibilities as well as domestic chores. However, with the rapid globalization and changes in time, these traditional concepts have been eclipsed. Both men and women are now charged with diverse responsibilities and a couple should seek to establish the best balance that works for them.

Thirdly, marriage ensures that couples are financially secure. In current times, it is quite commonplace to have both the husband and wife participating in income generating activities or full-time employment. In addition, different workplaces and income generating activities are linked with diverse benefits. When couples are married and living together, they have the opportunity of garnering finances from different areas in order to contribute to the family basket. Therefore, they can easily afford to pay for family basics and necessities such as mortgages, food, clothing and medical costs less strenuously in comparison to single parents.

In addition, marriage is a gateway for the next generation. When couples have sex before marriage, they are exposed to various dangers such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Marriage ensures that couples have safe sex and plan their lives in an orderly manner. Furthermore, various religions view sex before marriage as fornication. The society also frowns upon sexually active couples who are yet to be married. Once a couple gets married, they are granted the right to have sex and are under obligation to bring forth the next generation. Finally, marriage accords children the much-needed father and mother figures, who work in conjunction to instill discipline and sound morals, offer guidance, and ensure that their children are physically secure.

Finally, once a couple gets married, they not only enjoy a legal status but also social recognition. Apart from the fact that a partner is granted full control of the family’s assets in case of death, the couple enjoys respect and a certain social status. Therefore, in case of divorce, the due process has to be followed under the law in order to determine crucial matters such as child custody and the subdivision of family property. This process that ensures that a divorce is fair and transparent would otherwise not be followed if a couple was not legally or culturally married.

In conclusion, a couple needs to dedicate their time and effort if a marriage is to be deemed as successful over time. Frustration and misery due to the lack of support from one’s partner normally leads to divorce. There are various vital tips that one should follow in order to ensure that the marriage is a success. First, a partner should dedicate his or her time, money and effort towards the success of the marriage. Secondly, a couple should have open channels of communication in order to leave no stone unturned. One should raise issues as they arise. Thirdly, couples should speak and act in a plain and obvious manner when voicing their complaints or issues. Finally, assign time for family as well as work. Do not become a workaholic and forget to give your family their due attention. If these four strategies are well factored in, the marriage is bound to be a success.


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