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Education can be classified as formal and non-formal. In the world, we are all products of educators who play a vital role in imparting knowledge and skills. It can be extremely difficult to survive on our own since we need others for effective learning. Without educators, most of the inventions and advancement would not be achievable. Our fore fathers who existed many years back, lacked formal education but still did their best to educate their off springs. In this paper, discussion on whether to become an educator or not will be looked into.

It is said we cannot fail to be educators in one way or the other, whether in formal or informal set-up. Teaching is the act of imparting knowledge and skills to another person. In formal set up, a teacher forms a pillar of enhancing knowledge and skills to the learners. Take an example of how the baby class teachers inculcate knowledge to children who are not in a position to even understand vowels and simple alphabets. Through the dedicated work of teaching, people are able to advance into senior position in the work industry. Through seminar and research done, most teachers are organized, self driven and well behaved. Most people in life would like to posses these attributes which are abundantly endowed by teachers. Subsequently, teachers are more knowledgeable and remain abreast with the new trends.

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Teaching is enjoyable. Imagine how people pay attention when a concept is being taught. It is the only field that makes the most superior people create opportunity to listen to their teachers. No any other field can humble prominent people like teaching. A country without teachers will forever lag backwards. It is the work of teachers that make it possible to have competent lawyers, administrators, doctors, politicians among other dignitaries in the world. Teaching takes different forms and there is no way a person can claim to not like teaching. Regardless of our career, we do a lot of teaching either directly or indirectly.

Teaching is a profession that has created a lot of employment and this shows how important it is to the individuals. Through inspiration by my teachers, I have made a decision to become an educator with the aim of giving back to the community. Being responsible is a virtue that is exhibited by educators. They adhere to their work schedule and they generously share their ideas. If teachers could be like competitive companies, we would never advance since they would use their knowledge as a weapon to compete with their competitors.

On the other hand, some opponents believe that teaching can be boring especially where the educators fail to advance their skills. Doing the same thing for many years may not be exciting which can lead to destination mentality. Educators also work very hard in life and in return, lead a life that is very basic compared to a few successful people. In most cases, all over the world, teachers are not well remunerated despite the contribution they make to the society.

Teaching is hard and requires educators to spend a lot of time doing research and keeping abreast with new happenings. This may make them lack adequate time with their families as well as in social forums.

All in all, the profession of educators is ideal and most satisfying to anyone who needs to remain informed. Teaching makes and individual to be all round in his field of specialization by reading and disseminating the same knowledge to others. We need to be generous with ideas and count our contribution to the development of the country. We do a lot of teaching in our daily life which should be enhanced by having relevant skills to disseminate it. I would therefore not hesitate to become an educator.


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