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After the storm caused electricity failure, we the incident management team assembled at the incident command post so that we could provide support and give directions to the affected areas. One of our main tasks is to reduce the confusion, which has hit the city. In order to achieve this, we have to plan, organize and execute the recovery activity as soon as possible. The team has to monitor recovery development and allocation of the required resources (Enisa, 2011).

Investigations have established the cause of electricity failure to be an explosion that occurred at the central transformer station. The team promptly lays down the plan on how to manage the incident and to restore the city back to normal. A treatment officer is dispatched to overlook the treatments on all casualties. As the incident commander, I have to manage all the operations. I have to ensure that the required resources are availed immediately. These resources should be effective and efficient so that restoration of power is prompt (Blyth, 2009).

Assessment of the transformer station reveals that four transformers require replacement in order to rectify the failure. From the command centre, I have requested that four new transformers to be availed as soon as possible. I have further requested the fire fighting t team and other disaster related agencies to be at the scene incase of associated occurrences. These agencies should also give assistance where necessary (Northern Arizona University, 2007). Therefore, I have to coordinate their actions. I stay in touch with the team that is responsible for availing the transformers; I provide them with the shortest directions to the locations stated in the plan. This ensures that they access these locations promptly.

In order to maintain calm within the city, I have briefed the public through the available media on the prevailing situation and the developments taken to restore normalcy. All other useful information has also been availed to the public. As the restoration of electricity in the city continues to unfold, I appoint a small committee to write the post incident report.

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