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One of my personally chosen careers is IT work. I believe that what pushed me to pursue this career are some fascinating natures of Information Technology profession. In her book “Get your IT Career in Gear”, Leslie Goff comments that since Information technology has so crowded almost all the aspects in this world (especially in the business realm), “IT jobs have acquired a cool factor” (4).

Looking at a big picture of myself, I believe that at present time, I’m beginning to walk the path of fulfilling this career. I love computers, gadgets, and so on; I see my life to be going around this profession. That is why I chose this career path. However, there must always be a self-assessment before continuing the pursuit of this career. Everyone who is planning to have a life-fulfilling profession should know what jobs really motivate and inspire him/her; what skills are already inherent within him/her; and what necessary actions are needed to be done in fulfilling a particular career (Fisher 46). Information technology requires enough skills – analytical, interpretative, creative, and the likes – to be able to repair, build, design, renovate, improve, and apply anything that is related to Information Technology.

That is what I need to do to reach my goal. I need to study carefully, passionately and skillfully the entire field of this profession. I should be well acquainted with computer systems;

basic knowledge in hardware and software components is a key point in this career. As a preparation for the future (about ten years from now), I have to be updated and oriented with higher levels of innovation in the world of IT. As suggested by the Essvale Corporation, the continued absorption of IT in organizations also drives the development of many IT services (21). This will make a lot to advance me in my career.

To conclude, this chosen career is not as easy just as others are, as well. There must be a lot of effort to finish the goal; to fulfill the dream. Without any endurance, persistence, and good attitude, I will surely be unable to fulfill my career. The key in pursuing a successful career is enough preparation for the future by building my skills and understanding it, in this present time.


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