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Dear Bekir,

I am writing this letter to you because I want to talk about something that has been bothering me for the past week. I want to bring this to your attention because I believe that something must be changed about it, especially at your end. In addition, it must be changed because it is hurtful and it damages my reputation and relationships not only with you but also with other people like my family and our friends. I hope that you find the time to read and understand what I am about to tell you and please believe that I mean no harm. I am not blaming you and I do not feel resentful towards you. I simply want to talk about what you have been doing that have hurt me and to convince you to change your behavior because it affects my views of me and my relationships with other people.

For the past few weeks, I have noticed that some of our friends have been distancing themselves from me. I do not remember doing anything offensive towards them that would cause a gap in our relationship. I have also been hearing many things from my siblings about some of the things that they hear about me from other people. I felt bothered by the odd behavior of our friends and the growing concern of my parents and siblings toward me, so I decided to ask them questions. First, I asked my parents and my siblings about it and they told me that there were rumors going around about my behavior and they have heard some of our friends talking about me. According to my siblings, our friends have told them that I am ungrateful and unhelpful because I refused to help you out when you asked me for help. After talking to my family, I also approached our friends and I asked them why they have been distant lately. Our friends replied me that you told them about my refusal to lend you money two weeks ago. They also told me that I turned you down harshly when you asked me nicely about it. Now, I am having problems about this because we both know what truthfully happened when you asked me for help. I hope you would be able to tell everyone that what you told them was untrue.

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I know it is too late for you to change things because my family and our friends already heard and believed what you told them, but I am asking you to do something about it because we both know that what you told them are not true. When you visited me two weeks ago to ask for money, I told you that I really wanted to help but I did not have this extra money to lend you. I also told you the reason why I could not help you, which is that I am saving for some books and other supplies that I will need for the summer. I said that maybe you can ask our other friend for help. You told me that you understand, we talked for a while and we even saw a movie before you left. Everything was alright between us then and you knew that I did not turn you down harshly. For this reason alone, I hope you understand that you lied to our friends; therefore, you must tell them the truth. You know that it is the right thing to do.

Another reason why I want you to tell the truth is that the rumors you have been spreading have affected my relationships with other people including my family, and may affect my other relationships too if the lies are not corrected. We have been friends for a long time and you know that I value my friendship with other people. It hurt me that our friends have been distancing themselves from me for the past week, especially since we have been planning for weeks now to have dinner and watch a movie together but because of what you said, they canceled our meeting last Friday. Our friends also confronted me about what you said and told me that what I did was wrong and I should fix things with you before we all can hang out together. My siblings also told me the same thing. They told me that they do not want to be caught in the middle of things so we had better iron out our differences. I believe that we can only do that if you tell them the truth. I know that they will forgive you and they will understand why you did it. I know, because I do.

My family, especially my parents are also worried about me. They said they know me and that I would never do such a thing to any of my friends, but they also said that they do not know what really happened and they are considering that you might have told our friends the truth. My parents talked to me the other night and asked me about everything that happened. I told them the truth but they are not sure if they believe me. I am afraid that my parents doubt me. I do not want my parents lose their trust in me, so please Bekir, tell everyone the truth because it is ruining my relationships with our friends and my family.

I want to understand why you did this to me and hope that we would be able to talk to each other personally this week and discuss what happened indeed. I know you and I believe you have a reason for your behavior. I am not angry. I just want to know why you did it and I hope that through our conversation we would be able to resolve our differences. I also hope that you have considered what I told you, namely, that I would like you to tell everyone that what you told them was not true. You know it is a lie and it is destroying my relationship with our friends and my family. I hope you understand the outcomes of your actions. I value my relationships with friends and family, even our friendship, so I hope you would find it in your heart to make the correct decision. I know you have it in you and if you need help, I would be more than willing to go with you and tell our friends and my family about it.


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